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Arriving in Tokyo, Japan

Right. So finally taking the time to post about my trip which happend 5 months ago. And the usual excuse of being busy and lazy to post or look at the photos. Mostly I was not really happy with the photos I took on this trip. Therefore I must return to take awesome photos next time. :)

So I had a really short trip to Toyko, Japan in early July 2012. With my uncles and aunts and cousins.  As my parents already went in April, without me, therefore I went without them XD.

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and I'm back

Its been a while since I updated my website, well its because I was on a long and strange trip recently. 

Starting with Penang for a few days.

Photo taken by a friend... out of focus ... *sigh*

Then down to Kuala Lumpur, finally went down to Sepang International Circuit. Yes there were cars incoming!!!

Then off to Tokyo, Japan for a few days. Very nice city, must go back to visit some day!

Me being a tourist. 

Actually Ive been back for over a week. But was kinda busy with stuff, finally got time to start sorting out the photos. I'll try my best to process my photos and publish them. Hopefully wont take years to do that :)

Till then, Cheers




Penang 2009

My personal trip to Penang was two years ago. Last year I did go I think once or twice for training. That did not leave me much time to go around. So this trip I took some leaves and coincide it with the Gawai public holidays. This trip was my longest trip. I flew to Penang on 28th May 2009. Arrived at 30 mins to midnight. Waited at the airport for Ken to pick me up. I was crashing at his house for the duration of the trip. Anyways instead of heading to his house, we headed to Queensbay Mall for the midnight screening of the Terminator: Salvation. It was an OKAY movie for me. The effects were superb, the story line was acceptable. But somehow, I was hoping for more. I’m a huge fan of the Terminator series. From T1 to the TV series. Oh well. At least its better than the previous installment. 

So actually my trip started on 29th May 2009 (Friday). Ken had to work, So I followed him around for a bit then he left me to go find my way around Georgetown. It was 11 am and the sun was scorching. I decided to do what tourist in Penang do, take a trishaw ride. Yup. It was RM 20 per hour. I was thinking sure, I’ll visit all the temples and stuff, jump off, take a few snaps and move to the next interesting place. At the end of it, it was about three hours and a half. RM 70! But I did see a lot of charming Georgetown. Only thing was it was really scary on the trishaw, as some places were really tight, and we had to maneuver all over. 

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

Stolen Shot from the gate/entrance/arch.

My journey started at the Blue Mansion. But I was not able to get in as the tour starts at 11am and the next one was 3pm. I arrived at 11.30 am. So those wanted to visit the place, please take note of the time. According to the people there, it was said that cannot take photos inside. I dont know if its true or not.

Me on trishaw. Taken by my ‘guide’ with my T90.

So off I went experiencing the city in my face. 

And all the while I was thinking WOW, there are a lot of temples in Georgetown. And we keep going to more and more. Some were just next to each other! We don’t even get to see the that amount in Kuching.

More temple pic in the gallery. 

This was taken with my d80 on 17-55

Saw this interesting scene. +Whoops! why the website name font out of shape! oh well.. >.<”

Went to Fort Cornwallis. The best part, is you cannot take photos of the fort unless you buy a ticket. RM 3.00 I didn’t know till I walked up closer after taking the shot below.

The sign on the cart says no pics allowed unless got purchase tickets.

So feeling slightly awkward, I bought the ticket and went in to see what was the fuss all about. 

Besides the big guns, I don’t find the RM 3.00 worth. Why? Check out the pic below.

Even collecting RM 3.00 entrance fee, they can not afford to buy proper double sided tape?

The best image I go after paying RM 3.00 is below.

Rubbish on the side of the walk. haha!

After that we went on to the business areas. So called financial area, cos thats where the banks are. I withdrew some money. Then we somehow ended up at Chew Jetty if I remember correctly. Got off and the shot I like most is below

The crow was on top of the temple.. looking at me. When I composed and ready to shoot it fleW! oh well. 

Pretty fast till got wind in my hair ^^

So after that, more kongsi’s. More temples. Then came to an interesting place, the Peranakan Nyonya house. I was there for almost an hour, with the “meter” ticking out side. Entrance was RM 10.00 with free guided tour. Inside there were many antique stuff.

GOLD BELT! Don’t you wish you have one also!

Old school camera.

Many people were there shooting bridal portraits. Some for wedding, some for portfolio. According to the guide, it was RM 60.00 per hour. 

Philips emblem didn’t change much until recently. 

According to the guide this mural, with its vibrantly colorful paint has never been touched up for over 100 years. Supposedly using a technique called Fresco.

Dragon on the column. 

After that I went out to meet Ken and we went to Komtar there. As my new toy arrived. I got my stuff and Ken went back to work. I walked around Komtar area looking for things to shoot. Trying my best not to stand out as a tourist, but kinda hard when carrying a huge camera.

One of the test shots using my new toy.

By late evening about 6 something Ken picked me up. We had dinner, went back home, and out to drink with his girl friends. Man, can the girls drink! I surrendered very early in the game. 

Bumper to bumper traffic!

So basically that concluded my DAY1 in Penang.

more to come.