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Windows Phone HTC HD7

This is kinda outdated as well. If you were following my tweets, you would have noticed I was trying to meet up with Cyril who was one of the Maxis10 reviewers for the HTC HD7 mobile phone.

On the day we were at Nu Er Hong, I finally managed to catch up with Cyril.

My TINY Galaxy S versus the giant HD7.

Roughtly about the same thickness

From the top

My Galaxy S seems to have a big rear !!!

One thing I like about the phone besides the LARGE screen, was the kick stand.

Looks like a face :O


Feels kinda good in the hand~

Many people are comparing it with the IOS and Android, I think we should all give it some time to gain some traction. To me, eventho it was just a few mins of 'molesting' the phone. I feel that the intuitive interface was totally new, way better than IOS and ANDROID. That said, it is still lacking in applications and services, and there are heaps of bugs to hammer out. Remember, not all mobile os came out of the gate as champions (iOS almost). It took a few years to get it to this stage.

Windows Phone 7... A strong contender to look out for.

[Gears: Nikon D300, 50mm]