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Cleaning up Google Contacts

I'm not sure about you but I have over 640+ contacts stored on my mobile device and on my Nokia Ovi Account. And since I now have an Android mobile device I was wondering how would be the best way to move all these contacts from my Nokia Ovi Account to my favorite Google Mail Account. Where everything is basically centralized. I did my research few weeks ago, and found that there was a way to do it automatically from the Symbian mobile device instead of saving and uploading and all that tedious work. 


This video will show you in a nutshell what is the idea behind Google Sync.

I will not repeat what is already available on how to sync to the mobile device, incase your interested it works on BlackBerry, Iphone, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices. Read more here for how to set up your Nokia device to Sync

Basically both services offered by Google and Ovi are similar. It allows the users to back up Contacts, and Calendar (Schedules) everything else is not really important to me. Just that I have been using my GMAIL account at least for the past 5 years with no issues. 

I knew I had my job cut out for me when I realize my phone contacts have grown in size, and I know there are duplicates, just sometimes its not easy to hunt them down on a small screen. I tried to clean it up using Ovi but the server response was pretty slow. Gave up

NOTE: you can access Contacts from Gmail or go to Google Contacts

After synchronizing my mobile device with Google Contacts via Mail For Exchange (MfE) I had 643 contacts. Yikes!

As u can see I have circled the (+3) that means that there are 3 variable there. It applies to email as well if you have more than one it will show (+1) and so on and so forth. 

The first thing I did was to click More actions (call it a hunch, I wanted to see what options was available)  which I highlighted in red in the image above. 

AH HAH! There is an option called FIND & MERGE duplicates! I was very happy that I poked around before going thru all the 600 odd contacts. So what did it turn up?

You can merge them after making sure they are actually duplicates. In my case, they all were. So I merged them all. 

Then I ran the command again. 


Not. This showed me a few things, the algorithm will check to see if the numbers are the same, if they are it will be flagged as a duplicate. Even if you have the exact name it will not be flagged as a duplicate (good thing). So in the end I still had to go thru line by line. Which was ok, it was easier to read the contacts than to compare digits. 

And since I was at it I decided to clean up the contact even more. Properly putting the First Name, Last Name, even linking the email accounts to the contacts if any. I also grouped them by contact type.

In the end, I ended up with something like this. I was pretty proud of myself that night two weeks ago. Then last week I lost it all =( but thats a story for another posting =)

If your reading this and you do not back up your contacts, you should. Back up your phone data to your computer and to the CLOUD.


Gimme a shout if I missed out anything in this post!



Busybody Google

I’ve been a fan of gmail (a free web based mail service by google) since its beta stage. I think I sign up about 5 years ago.. and I think its still in beta now. Back when it launched it gave its user 1GB of storage space. 5 years ago it was a big deal. Providers such as Hotmail (if memory serves me, Hotmail only had 2MB of mail box space in 2005) and Yahoo soon had to follow suit by increasing its mail box size. Back in the day, larger mailbox is a premium service. Paid service until google came along. So far its added more and more storage space its virtually unlimited. I’m currently using 9% of the available storage for me. Thats 741MB of 7432MB… yes my mailbox is a mere 7.4GB. I heard that the size is relative to how much you use. So I assume there are those with bigger mailboxes than me.

A while back google came up with Gtalk. Which is similar to Live Messenger. Which is all good. until it started to add people whom I have corresponded to a few times over on email. Google assumes that you know the person and would like to chat to them. This is kinda strange as last week I purchased something from an online seller which incidentally was using gmail as I was. We exchanged a few emails and today when I logged into my chat software I saw the seller on my chat contact list. 

Not that I do not like the seller or anything but I find that this is very annoying on google’s part. So I did a little digging and found this.


Rule #1:
if you reply to someone’s email, that person is added to your Gmail contact list.
(Error #1: you may not know that person)
Rule #2 (opt-out):
if you reply to someone’s messages more than 2-3 times, that person is added to the list of Google Talk friends.
(Error #2: see error #1. Also that person may not be your friend.)
Understanding this I went into the Settings and went to the Chat tab and saw Auto-add suggested contacts: field. Which was by default set to Automatically allow people I communicate with often to chat with me and see when I’m online. Grrr… 
So I checked the Only allow people that I’ve explicitly approved to chat with me and see when I’m online. radio box. Went into contacts and removed the seller. He disappeared from my list for a while and came back. I think both side needs to delete each other from the contact list. Eventho I have removed him from my list I’m still on his list! But I should not be able to see his online status right?!


Well if you still have not heard about it. Nokia is moving out of the mobile phone business and moving to content business. Sounds dramatic eh? Just kidding but they have been coming up with a lot of services in the past few years.

Actually this is about Maps on Ovi. I assume you know of Nokia Maps. Basically if your phone is using Symbian s60 and above you can download the software and use it. What’s so special about Maps on Ovi? Well, its on OVI.com the Nokia’s multimedia portal. Which covers many things from back up, to sharing, communications and now maps.

So recently I saw a blog at the beta site that asked from Mac users to try it out. On Safari. Being curious I logged in on Safari. And this is what I saw after installing the browser plug-in.

Nifty. Feels like Google Maps. and Live Maps(bet ya didn’t know Live also got maps services right? every one heard of Google Maps).

Above is showing Kuching maps

Live Maps version of Kuching City. If your interested to know what kampung is called this is your map. The rest only shows major town and cities.

Google Maps version of Kuching City :) I guess this version is the most known about of the 3. Its the most hype and I guess most used over the years.


To me all 3 looks good and all have their own specialties. But most important is the ability to use it on Mobile phones. As far as I know OVI Maps and Google Maps can be used on the mobile phone. For Ovi Maps you would of course have to get the Nokia Maps which allows the user to pre-load maps into the phone. And for Google Maps everything is grabbed from the cloud on the fly. Which makes it light weight on install but might cost a lot on the data stream