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G+D PreWed Photos

This shot happned AGES ago, almost coming to one year already. How time flies. Anyways I have been meaning to process these photos for awhile now. But never really got around to do it. But since my iMac died the other day. I was archiving my stuff and I came across this set of photos. So I processed them and decided to share them out my way. These photos were also edited and printed already by George, but I guess I want to do another set my way. This was my second time doing a pre-wedding shoot since 2007. This was shot end of October last year.

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Secret Birthday Party...

... which failed. But there was still a lot of cake and a lot of food and a lot of fun! Last week Daphne was asking if we (me and friends) would like to help her celebrate her dear's birthday party by giving him a surprise party. So we all gathered the peoples, and tried our best to surprise him. Well, lets just say things didn't go according to plan =) half of it did. 

Yes  I know all the photos color balance is out, I am lazy, can or not ?

Below is a 3 minute video clip mashed up by me. Hit play then pause it for the video to load, come back up and view when its done :P

Suppose to be one cake, then turn to two and three ;)

George's moves when he finally came up :P

Well at least he was quite surprised that there  were so many cakes!

Candle that almost died~ :P

Cutting of cake

Playing with his 'cameracake'

I think I have a better shot in my compact camera.. but still have not take out yet =.=

George with his actual camera ~ 


Foosi talking with Gladys

wants some cake

Desmond eats Cecilia's cherry, Foosi gets angry

Satisfied face.  Who said the 50mm f/1.4 is not sharp?

Testing out the ringflash. Both had one eye closed LOL!

Group Photo, stolen from George's fb acc... Taken with the X100 awesome results.

So now you can go back up to the top and play the video. It should have finished loading, unless, you have a really slow connection.


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55, 50, Sony DSC-T90]





I have known Jorj for a while now. Probably a good 10 years? maybe one or two years more. He has always been smart and creative. Likes to play mah-jong and a few things. Amongst the few other things apparently lately its been photography. I have known of the site for a while now, but didnt realise there were updates and it has become a blog! I dont know why he has been keeping a low profile about it. Probably his closer friends may know of it.. or maybe he was not ready to show it. Who knows.

But me being me, have already added it into my links page. Cos I think its a well built site and deserves more traffic!

In case you have not figured out this web page, its http://www.cliked.com/