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I'm On TV3

Well not actually me, but my car :)


This happened about three weeks ago, where our South Sarawak Classic Car Club was approached by a reporter who wanted to do a piece on the club. So one thing lead to another and suddenly it was on. Jaffar called me and asked me to drop by, so I did. I called Peter, who initially didnt want to show up. Lucky he did!


It was raining when I got there. And no one was around. No one informed me that the event was delayed about 30 mins. Lucky Peter came by early, else I would have been damn bored. Eventually most showed up. Many of the cars still in workshop so did not make it :)


Mohd. Nasir posing with the crew car.


Despite the rain, the filiming continues.


Horns anyone ?


It was already quite rare to see this black beauty on a normal days what more to say on a rainy day! Immaculate Toyota Celica TA22.


Sweet wheels


Megat's spanking new 'old' ride!


Jaffar's TA28 getting some attention~ 


Peter being interviewed.


Megat's turn to be interviewed. 


Jaffar being interviewed.


yeah, shake dem spark cables xD


After that we did a small convoy so that the videographer can grab some footage. Did a few rounds around the area and that was tat. The feature segment had broadcasted already, and I missed it because I was not in town. :( only saw some clips taken with hand phones of the feature. Oh well. My friend in Terengganu did message me that he thought he saw my car on the tele :)

[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55]


Classic Car Convoy

Last Sunday a bunch of Classic Car enthusiast gathered to drive up to Telaga Air (about 35 km away from Kuching City). Everyone gathered at RH Plaza before 7am. 


It was pretty cloudy when I arrived. There were many VW Beetles and Mini's. Only 1 Toyota Celica when I arrived. I quickly ate kolomee. And started to shoot a few photos. Thinking I would do a nicer cover once I get to Telaga Air.

Boy was I wrong because once we started our journey it started to rain. And it did not stop until late afternoon. 


VW kombi


VW Beetles






Nice tires.


Japanese Mustang... lol Toyota Celica TA28


Black beauty. Totalling 5 Celicas in the convoy. :)


Triumph (ugh! don't pay attention to the rubbish!, too late!)


Mini Moke

Anyways regret didnt shoot more photos you can find the rest of the photos in my facebook album. 48 images. We spent about an hour there, chit chatting. Was hoping for the rain to stop. But it did not. So we all drove around a bit to Matang, then I left. It was very wet.

Below is a video I spliced together, captured using my very abused Sony DSC-T90 digital camera. Too bad it was raining, else I could have gotten more footage. Enjoy, oh do watch in HD. I went out in the rain to catch the footage.

Hopefully more convoys to come this year! 


Dolls and Such at Full House

As I had a late morning  the night before I was not sure I was going to make it to yum cha session with my cosfriends. They gathered at FullHouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe at Hills Shopping mall around 1pm or so. I arrived around 2+ to find actual dolls. I was given the impression that they would doll up. Haha! Cool, nevertheless. 

These dolls look good, with most of the major joints movable. So you basically can pose them how ever you want. But due to the big head and hair, its kinda top heavy. 

Some of them are quite big in size. And also heavy!

So most of them are in a seated position hehe!

Even with the stand, she's kinda floating hehe~ 

I kinda like this look of this doll. Different colored irises. 

This is the resident doll at Full House.

What a tiny prop, so cute.

Lolli's love cakes... :)

Randomly posing around the place.

Everyone is taking photo of everyone.

Everyone's busy. Love this shot. 

Randomly left, right left right. 

Another random shot aiming over my shoulder. LOL!

flanked by lolli's

Tea time

Tiny pony

Sitting around

Group Shot! With the resident doll.

Well it was fun meeting up with the cosplayers and doll collectors. And it was my first time at Full house. I didnt try the food there but the location looks good. All the photos were unedited save for the water mark and resize. Probably should do a cosplay portrait shoot one of these days. 

You can find the full album at my facebook page




[Gears: Nikon D300. 17-55, 50]




A quick update.

Last weekend I was in KL again. from the 19th till the 22nd December 2008 to record the final round of GRA. Interestingly I only spent less than RM 150.00 this trip. Bought myself a cap, and some sweets. Probably because this trip down, costed me RM 800+ in flight. Due to the fact that the race was postponed, I had to reschedule my flight. Either pay up another RM 400 or lose the RM 400. So why not pay another RM 400 to be with friends ?

Anyway I'll post more about that later. Its now 2.11 AM. I had some friends over for a pot luck dinner and exchange some gifts. hehe more pics to come. There was a huge mountain of food. Left about 10%. So its good gathering after all.

Here is one of the many photos we took last night with our gifts.

Those who showed up : Irene, Mei Ling, Antonia, Liew Chin, Derbe, Desmond, Guan, Cecilia, Allen, Chze, Alvin, Micheal, Methos, Pei Lian and Alex.

Time to rest now.



photographers gathering

So I was in Miri for work, and I took the chance to meet up with some of the local (Miri) photographers whom I got to know in some local photography forums, but mainly we came together under www.photoborneo.com forum's gathering.

Irene wanted a gathering to meet the other photographers, and asked me to post a thread, being an obliging person and the fact that I have nothing better to do I started a thread and a few days later we had 11 people signed up and ready to go and have a cuppa at Citrus.

The gathering started about 7.30 pm or so, me, as usual, arrived late. Sorry Irene, kept u waiting. So when we arrived, four guys were there already. Terrick, Joel, Lionel, and Karlina. Then came Malcomn, Brian, and Kingston(whats the real name? I never caught it). Things were kind of awkward at first. As the table was quite long, so we had to well speak to those who are close to us, and besides we were all having our dinner.

After we have had our share of food and people were starting to take out their gear, then things started to heat up. Suddenly we were all like old pals. Who have not met for ages. I guess its true when they say birds of the same feather flock together?

Even those who are having gathering in Kuching also signed on to SKYPE to 'meet' us.

Personally I didn't shoot much photographs that night, as I was busy testing out other peoples gear. I only grabbed a few images as the gathering was coming to an end, a quick snap here and there just to cover it. I was quite busy playing with the d700 & the d300! wow! my dream machines! How I wish I would own either of them now. Haha I guess I will have to save up harder to purchase them.

Even Irene could not help herself and tried the Nikon d300 for herself.

Well the gathering ended up around close to 1030 I think. Then we all parted ways happy and satisfied with the first www.photoborneo.com gathering held in Miri.


I'm sure there are other gatherings planned in the horizon of the oil town of the east.