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the day before

Today started off with the noisy city coming to life early… and when the sun shine on my face, it was time to get up. After mucking about for abit finally got out of the hotel to see this

Smokes coming out of Maybank HQ, in Jalan Tun Perak. I was wondering why people were taking photos and pointing upwards when I was looking down at the streets from my window. Hmm.. the building was behind where my window was facing. Only when I went downstairs and looked up did I know what was going on. So, I too took a shot at it =D

It was only a drill. The people inside were at mamak driking coffee. =)

So after all the excitement early morning. We went down to Petaling street. People were just starting their day.

We actually wanted to eat some dim sum. But the famous dim sum shop was not open. So we went into the back alley, to Jalan Mardas and ate some yong tou fu and chee chiong fun.

Laksa (WM Style)Yong Tau Fufehmes roast duck=)Randomfehmes somethingtaste good!fehmes coffee stallsee? mom was so happy drinking her fehmes coffee=)

random street arttaking the rapidKL to Mid ValleyI’m such a tourist

After walking about in Mid Valley for a while decided to go makan lunch. We went to OHSushi. I have the some what entrance pic on my phone. Have not transfer it,maybe when I get back to home town. Probably because it was lunch time the place was packed. And we had to wait about 20 mins before we got our table.

picture and actual may differ, is disclaimer not printed!

green tea is good for health, they saylooked way nicer in their menu~this was goodthis was delicious! Sanma fish (サンマ / 秋刀魚)CNY Decor at Mid Valley

After that we left to go back to our hotel by KTM train and monorail.

train.. choo chooo!!!Back at the hotel, showered a bit then left for Sungei Wang area.. by foot! And because my sister was late I went off to Low Yatt Plaza to look for some stuff for a friend, and ended up getting myself some memory upgrades! Pics already taken, but I think will post some other time.

I was looking for the ATM and I called a friend where was the closest one, as it turns out he was also in Low Yatt Plaza. What a coincidence. He was there to buy power supply units for his office.

Hi Raywalking back via jalan alurWell that is it for now. Need to rest, the stupid 3g connection have delayed me posting and sleeping an hour earlier! I need to wake up early tomorrow!

Big day! Meeting Joe!


Congrats Alexander

I only knew of Alexander’s marriage during my last trip to Kota Kinabalu (KK). I called him up to go have tea or something and he told me he was getting married. What a shocker as I didn’t even know he had a girl friend. Hehehe. Well, wife now.

They registered their union in Limbang. The dinner was held on 14th March 2009.

Alexander & Sherly

Alexander is an old friend from my secondary school days. We have known each other for well over 15 years now. We always had a good time with each others company. It was at his house during Gawai which I got drunk for the first time in my life. And also the first time I had my taste of local distilled rice wine called Lankau. We have had many adventures. Well I was away most of the time. Besides me and Mackenzie, the other 3 monkeys were very busy getting drunk, chasing skirts and a lot of many things  I do not want to pen down here.

Mackenzie, Adrain, Armstrong and Alex and Sherly.

Adrain, Mackenzie, me, Alex and Sherly.

Alexander is based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for I guess about 3 years now. The wife is working there was well but is from Limbang. And they kind of met at the work place. One is in an enforcement agency and the other works hand in hand with the agency. Guess which is which.

With the monkeys surely got some liqueur

I have no idea who is the guy at the bottom but hey! It was a good night!

Also this was the first time I attended a wedding where there were no seating table numbers. It was free seating. There was a really good live band called Maya. Who played english, malay, cantonese, iban and if not mistaken filipino songs. And they sure play a lot of dangdut music. Which got the attendees really going. By 11 pm nearly half were on the dance floor. hehehe. It was an interesting experience for me.

Well Alexander and Sherly, I hope all the best for you two!



20090101 Sunrise (Buntal)

Finally the first posting about of 2009 on 2009!


I woke up around 3am to pick up the people from MV Doulos, who were following us to try and catch the first sunrise of 2009 at Buntal. All in all 3 cars went to pick them up. I volunteered to help of course. Stephen and Micheal was there to help also. Alex and the others were somewhere else at another meeting point. We drove directly up to Buntal and waited for everyone to arrive.

When everyone had gathered, it seemed like a huge group of people. Well, cos it was! Check out the group photo which we took at the end when we left Buntal.

 Image was taken from Alex's site.


When everyone was ready to go off, we realised that the water was too high. We could not really get to the edge of the water. Which was quite dissapointing. The rubbish at the kamping was really to much as well. There were broken glasses and rubbish all over the place.

But we enjoyed ourselves. A lot.

Here are some shots of the people who went :)~



After about 2 hours plus of sun hunting, we were tired (sleepy) and hungry. So we headed off to Golden Arch food court to have our late breakfast. It was kind of a mess as we arrived in batches and everyone was ordering food & drinks left right and center. The waiter was so busy. Everytime he delivered some drinks someone else ordered some more. hehe~more pics at my multiply page.


Here are a few shots at the place~











hehe~ so where are the sunrise photos?








Only one?




The rest are in the gallery of course!!!


Point your browser to the gallery.




Good times. Thanks Stephen for organizing the outing :-)




20081227 Photowalk

It was a late night at Lounge2 with Alex and the rest of the photo kaki's, and the next day I woke up and went to a photowalk with ckgoh, Pazuzu, Methos, Ghosttedd, Gecko and Micklong.

We gathered at local coffeeshop and had some breakfast and kind of rolled out at 9am. It has been a while since I did street shooting. Kind of strange, the last time I did was probably last year, and back then I only had my kit lens.

We shot from 9am and concluded by about 11am. We covered from about two to three rows of shops at Padungan road, then the back alley, and then the housing area behind.

Below are some of my favourite captures of the day, hope you like it as well.



My kind of brew



Go Slow~ Don't know why, I like this a lot . . .



This kitty was sleeping at a bench when we the photographers approach. I guess I was the only one who manage to catch it before it got annoyed and went away. XD



I did a higher key processing on this to bump up the colors. Both were kind enough to have me take their picture. The girl was very shy, but the brother was very friendly.



I guess it was quite a view, so many guys with cameras walking around your neighbourhood. Many of the tenants around the area, come out to the windows, and verandah's to have a look.

2 children observing us from the darkness of the room.

Father and son looking at us...

There were many other observers, but, I didn't capture them. hehe shy mah.... strangers...



Shot this when holding the camera upside down, and backwards on my shoulder... hehehe



I shot about 380 photos that morning, selected only 50.

You can find the rest of the photos at my MULTIPLY account. Ahh... it was quite refreshing to take this sort of images rather than the usual stuff, events events events...




Its been a long while since I shot sunsets, properly with tripod's and all the goodness.

At the beginning of November, I was bored on a saturday afternoon, I had my camera equipment with me and I was looking for something to shoot. by 3pm I still had not figure out what to shoot, but I noticed that the skies were quiet nice and clear. Maybe there is a chance for a sunset shoot.

So I called up Ming, Stephen, and Allen. Asked if anyone wanted to join me to find sunset. Stephen was up for it. Ming was unsure, cos when I called him he was having his afternoon nap. Allan had no transportation as his mom was using his car.

This was one of the first shots which I took when I reached just after Ming arrived. He was the 2nd last to confirm but the first to arrive. Then came Stephen (who got lost and went to the other side of the barrage). I guess its quite confusing over there without road signs and such. Last but not least came Allen. Who got his ride back at the last minute.

Heh~ if you have not figured it out, the silhoute is of Ming! with his few month old baby. Which incidently he forgot to charge the battery, and halfway shooting a frame he ran out of juice, and the shutter was open! haha! Lucky for him, Allen, borrowed him a battery so he could close the shutter.

Stephen came with his brand spanking new Cokin GND filters. I had a play at it. it was really good I must say. Especially when doing longer exposures.

Note to self, I must get me one of those as well!

Allen on the other hand brought his tripod but forgot to bring the camera mount, so basically his tripod was useless as he could not mount his camera. Which later he found out that he DID bring the mount, just didnt realise it ~_~ """ he was probably dreaming of the Canon 50d.

There was not much of clouds that day, so the fiery skies which I had hoped for never materialised.

Tried to lower the shutter speed. This was taken at 30 seconds exposure. Trying to get the silky smooth water effects with the help of the CPL.

So there I was trying to make it as silky as possible and I decide to bump it up to BULB mode. For those who do not know, basic longest pre-set exposure was 30 seconds. In BULB mode basically you can expose till the battery runs out. This was one of my first times using this mode, this year. I did use it once in penang last year, but then I didn't have my tripod and I didn't have the cable release.

This was the last shot of the night. I actually intended to expose for 90 seconds. But I set my timer wrongly, so there I was chatting with the guys and it dawned on me, my timer had not gone off! I immediately stopped the shutter. I checked the EXIF information, 188 seconds. o.O" thats Waaaayyyyyy too long... as you can see from the image, even the moon has moved.

And if you notice the upper corners of the photos are a bit purple. That is a sign that the image sensor was heating up.

Why is there heat? Well when we take a shot, the shutter opens and electrons go thru the image sensor. It all happens in a split second, but when we take long exposures, electrons run thru the image sensor for what ever time period we set. And the longer electrons run thru the image sensor the hotter it gets, and thats where you will start to see the image changing color. Dangerous game we play.

But so far my camera is still okay, it lives to capture another day.

For the full gallery of images click HERE.