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Fried Rice is Nice

I'm not sure about you but I love fried rice. And I think most people would also love a nice plate fried rice. ;)

Have you ever seen so much fried rice before? hehe Orchid Garden Coffee House at Grand Margherita Hotel is having a promotion called Fried Rice Is Nice. From 1st December till 19th December 2010. As you can see from the picture above, they have TEN different type of fried rice available.

Since there were so many and so few of us, Anna, Rose, and Yien Yien (and Eileen) we chose 6 of the 10 to try. What a filling lunch!

While waiting for the food to arrive everyone was photographing everything nearby and on the table.

Anna's DIY drinkRose's Teh TarikYien's Hot ChocolateI had boring ice lemon tea. :P

Anna having a scary momentTaking pics of what I wonder, Halo halo?Finally the fried rice arrived

Nasi Goreng BarioNasi Goreng IndonesiaNasi Goreng Sumo

Nasi Goreng SarikeiNasi Goren Sarikei, pineapple looked so alien on a plateNasi Goreng MadrasNasi Goreng KepitingWell can you say FRIED RICE IS NICE ?

For more information http://www.grandmargherita.com/gmh/





[gears: Nikon D300, 50mm, 17-55]