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Chinese New Year 2012 is over!

Last nite was the final night (officially ending Chinese New Year celebrations). Its tradition to have dinner with loved ones and after that, play some fireworks. I had my epic dinner at my uncles place and then went home to find many people are posting photos of fireworks online in facebook. So I decided to shoot some as well. I had some fireworks left lying about from a decade ago, so I gave it a few clicks. 

Me trying to be different. Everyone else was shooting the sky and city scape, I'm low on the ground about meters away. So close you can feel the blast.

Boom! This was my 2nd try! after that it kinda went south.

I had plant my D300+80-200 on my tripod. Prefocused. Lit the fuse, ran back to the camera and started hitting the shutter. This is one of the moments where your glad that your camera is capable of MORE THAN 3 frames per second.

After 3 more tries, I was sweating like a madman. tired. I guess I had too much food! I did try to shoot vertical but the weight of the camera+lens combo kind of messed up the rubber on the bottom of the camera. I guess I would have gotten a decent shot I had someone to help me light the fuse. 

Any takers?


[Gears: Nikon D300, 80-200]