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Swanky Sarah

Swanky sarah is a new boutique styled dinning place located at where simplicious used to be.​ For reasons unknown to me, it has changed management and got rebranded. But honestly the food still amazing. I think for the better. In any case you can dine and shop at the same place. 

NOTE: this establishment serves PORK. ​

Also when we were there it was not opened for business, but now it is!

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Peringatan Terakhir

I came back from work yesterday and I found a letter in the mailbox.

Who was the smart ass who started the urban legend that the council will not take action when you do not pay the parking compounds?

I have never recieved anything prior to this “last warning” (peringatan terakhir). w t f. How does that work, the said offence was in 2008 … April … 1st…. How would I remember if I did or didn’t park there? And of all days April’s Fools Day! hahaha!

The said offence was I parked at the parking area without displaying the parking coupon. Well I probably didn’t I can’t recall.. Wait! I did!


Hmm.. No I didnt… I have no idea.


Regardless I its only a compound of RM 5.00

They would really go to all that trouble to collect RM 5.00 ? Oh yeah.. I’m going to pay like the good citizen I am. But I suspect there is more to come :P