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Délifrance in Kuching

Some would say "Finally" but for me it's just another place to have good western food. Not to say its no good or anything, but it is not on top of my to die for food yet... it has a long way to fight with Laksa, Kolomee, Kampua, Beef Noodles and much more here in Kuching. 

Kinda forgot to take photo of the outlet from the road. Basically its located at the main entrance of the Hills Shopping Mall

Since it's a new place, a number of bloggers were invited to go check it out. Some free snacks where given and heaps of drinks. Someone had SIX hot chocolates! Goodness. And she still wanted more ! 

Signing in~ 

Ladies were given shawl's, nothing for the guys hehe

Baguette's to bring home~ 

Like this display area. 

So we were all squeezed into the BLOGGERS ZONE!!! I guess they didn't expect so many people to turn up.

Sample food! Cannot touch! Cannot eat ah! lol!

The cakes looks delicious!



Many reporters yesterday, many familiar faces.

I didn't know opening of Délifrance required video coverage. Wah! I wonder if I was on TV or not just now!


More mingling ~ Desmond and CK

Dutchez mingling~ 

Didnt know how it happend, when I got back to my seat, I got me an expresso~ nais! 

Then appetizers appeared!

Then some more food decided to appear before us~ lol

Lastly some delicious cake arrived. All the while we were being served with juice and cafine~ oberdoze

some random leftovers of the night!

Everyone is bz with their gadgets

Rose and Yien Yien getting the money shot. 

Yien Yien curi Frankie's camera

Yeah, I'm sure Frankie will be surprise to find whats in his memory card xD

Someone's not paying attention! 


Found this photo in my camera, shot by Raiz the reporter. 

Love this shot, can I claim it to be me shooting, Raiz ? hehe 

Hopefully more and more branded chain's come in to Kuching, so we all can have more choices other than Laksa, Laksa, Laksa, and laksa. xD


[Gears Nikon D300, 17-55]


Girls, GoKarts, Good Music, Lasers, Weddings, and Beers

I have never been so busy in march before juggling working and taking photos. Its a wonder I made it out alive ! 

The month started out slow with a live performance of A.VIVA at BarZing.

Irene of http://creativebitchin.blogspot.com/

Love the funny flare caused by the laserlasers~Louis shooting some light raysDJ Geri & A.VIVADJ Syake, power poseLasers!

The rest of the photos can be found here at the facebook album.

Then the next day we had a portrait session organized by me with Bibiana & Juliana

The next event I went to was to 99. Was talking with DJ Geri about getting a few shots of her during her gigs. So she invited me over to take a few pics xD

Here are some of the favs of mine! 

Brew of the nightLasers~ hahaha

Love this photo, Thanks Desmond!

Then on the weekend we were fortunate enough to get Pamela to work with us at The Secret Sanctuary.

Natural flare~ love it !

Adjusted the color slightly. Love her expressionOff shoe flash~ guess how manyThis was such an impromptu shot. She was checking out the skies and I took the shot. Lovely.The rest of the pics can be found in the gallery

Stephen and Agnes held their wedding ceremony on 20th March 2010. I was busy being the “Heng tai / driver” therefore didn’t take much photos. 

Image capture by FoosiGroup photo xD Image from FoosiAlex was so busy going around to take the rose petals. But at the end the guy who took the photo using Foosi’s camera did not burst the shutter, so he only got 1 shot. Many of us still had the petals in our hands!

xD xD XD xD xD

What I did was compile pictures from Foosi and added some video clips which I took with my Sony Cybershot DSC-T90

FUN! Must watch till end, may take a while to download/stream!

Still trying with the rose petals xD

Here are some random shots from my Sony DSC-T90

Sony DSC-T90Sony DSC-T90

Sony DSC-T90Sony DSC-T90

Sony DSC-T90Sony DSC-T90


After the wedding dinner we went to different @ Upstairs at Soho.

=DLets drinkDesmond being gangsta or somethingFoosi showing Ken how to be an orange

Ken molesting Alex

Sony DSC-T90. Desmond having a blast w/ Nikon d300Sony DSC-T90

hey my camera! Foosi drinking, a lot !

Sony DSC-T90Sony DSC-T90. Yen Li molest Alex’s wifeSony DSC-T90. Ken molest Alex again.I think Penang people like to molest people lo.. hahaha !  Dangerous

Sony DSC-T90 red shirt aunty had too much to drink xDSony DSC-T90 Irene giving DJ Mik the finger

Sony DSC-T90Sony DSC-T90 Cool effectSony DSC-T90 drink drink drink!

Sony DSC-T90 Ken playing with laser lightsDuring that night there were DJ from KL there as well. I cant remember her name.

Sony DSC-T90 Lasers~Sony DSC-T90 Oh what a night. We left around 2am.. ears pounding when we got outside. Me and Desmond went for a quick supper and I reached home around 3.30 am. Bloody tired. 

The next day 21st March I went to watch the go-karts demonstration at hills. I got passes from Mr Jong for both myself and my penang friend, Ken Yeoh.

Below are some of my favourite photos

the dog was following its owner without a lease. Very well trained!

Roads were closed for the dayThe photographers (only a few had passes)The galsMore galsKen Lai, blocking other photographers.My personal fav cos can see the refection on the visor of the helmetAh Bee being interviewedHey friend, no need flash too bright already

Good angle I hopeGo Go GO! What a hot day ! Siaran tergendalahmmmWhew, the day got even hotter! go go go ! Gee, still got time to look at me ?The Race is ON!consultation time?Uncle Jongfull concentrationWe left the venue to our cars when we spotted something along the way and shot a few shots.

Alex the modelSee, Penang people like to touch touch….Fisheye is fun! Then at night we went out makan with the newly weds at Taman Kereta. Thanks Stephen for another meal! 

After dinner Ken said he wanted to go grab supper. AHaha` too easy to spot la.

So actually it was a surprise birthday thingy for me. As they (Ken and Yenlly) were leaving on Monday, so they had a small do for me, how sweet!

Check out this 8 min long video

xD Epic

xD Gobbling up the cake!Cecilia got eyes on her boobiesAnyways, thanks guys xD

The following weekday~ 24.03.2010 there was a Sexy Pool party at Liquid, Pullman Hotel. I was invited to go take some photos with Desmond. So here are some of the more interesting shots that I got of the night

Before the crowd arrivedBrew of the nightSome of our works being shown on the projector haha~ cool the one shown is Desmonds picLion dance pun ada ! bboys pun adaLasers!Party SilhoutteDance DanceOps.. someone fell into the pool! Someone left something in the pool hahaha!!!Local bloggers, Allen and Arimore people ‘falling’ into the ppldecent sized crowdParty heating upeven the DJ’s have to cool down!Syak!splash!DJ Geri hit the decksMore people hit the watersomersault !This was how my lens got wetEven more people started ‘falling’ into the poolheh~ tumbling into the pool ?ops ! run! my flash getting weakerJust enough light. Beautiful waterwalking on waterAllen, your face is so round in this picwhat a crazy nite it wasLeft at 12.30 or 1.00 cos Thursday is still a working day. Had a quick supper with Allen and Desmond, and headed home to rest.

On saturday I left for Qing Ming at Sarikei, and Qing Ming 2010.

We came back to Kuching on Sunday, then I flew to Kuala Lumpur on MONDAY morning for a meeting. Came back the next day, Tuesday

Sony DSC-T90 direct from camera, no editSony DSC-T90 I shot it, so she followed, so I shot her doing itSony DSC-T90 sausage anyone?WHEW!

Basically that wraps up my super duper long ultimate mega posting! hahahaha!


A summary of key happenings in March 2010! I got older!






Dragon boat at Kota Kinabalu

It was my last day of the trip in Kota Kinabalu (KK). The event started at 8am. I arrived at about 10am. Hungry and tired. But nevertheless quite excited to shoot something. It was quite a mess as the area they are having the race Likas Bay was packed! Both sides of the road were lined with cars stretching for kilometers!

A row of boats.

Upon reaching I see the crowd was very spread out, some event brought along their camping tents! One thing tho, most of them seem to be on a family outing or something. Good stuff!

Lane markers, to assist the dragon boats to stay in their lanes.

I actually arrived in the middle, behind the grand stands. So I walked along the shoreline towards the starting point. All along the shore line there were kids playing and enjoying themselves in the water. The parents / guardians were nearby. The sun was scorching. But everyone seemed to be undaunted by it.

How many photographers do you see? This is performance of the VIP


Hello Kitty flying away.

After about 6-7 mins of walking I finally saw the starting line. ~_~

The closer I got, I saw something! WOW! Was the only word that popped into my head. As I made my way onto the rocks.

Turned around, yup! the crowd is still there! They were not abducted by aliens.

Ehem. Closer view. Big cannon!

HAHAHA! I was not the only one interested in the big ass cannon! can you tell what is the brand of this cannon ?

Okay now, back to the serious business for a while.

The dragons are ready to go. They have been ready to go since 10 am! When I took the photo it was 20 mins past 10 am.  As we all waited for the VIP to arrive.

Well since we are still waiting for the start.. why not a snap. Hihi! Hello sir. Dont kill me for taking your photos ah….. since we all Nikonians~ XD from his expression must be thinking, who is this kid, dare to take my photo. Cannot see I got cannon ah!? * back to serious business! *

MUAHAHAHA! I saw her in this position and this was as close as I can get at 200 mm. I’m sure the d3 user can see more closer hu hu hu hu hu~ I want also leh~ But I’m sure she must be tired from all the waiting for VIP under the hot sun. Does not help that they are on salty water. Hotter! So remember, girl on dragon number 3!

Hello Nikonian~ 70.200f2.8 VR!

Speaking of Nikonian there was a girl next to me using D300. huhuhu~

START!!!! Finally

HAHAHA! Girl on dragon boat number 3 hanging on for dear life? Sure looks like it. Or is it more aerodynamic ? Eh…  where are your drum sticks?

Now the race is really on. 1. 3. 7.

Notice number one has drum sticks? Thats the secret to dragon boat racing la. No drums, no beat!

See~ easy. dum di dum~ dum di dum~ NO point shouting #3!

The crowd got so excited! I wonder why, its only one dragon with beating drums! kekeke~

Oh well, that was it. There were other races, but I could not stick around, I was hungry, tired, dehydrated, and sun burnt(from day before). There is too much (foreplay) waiting for less than a min for the dragons to cross the finishing line (climax) 800 meters away. Maybe I was just lazy.

mMmMMmMmMmMmm d3… niceness!


Oh~ and I found out why there were no aliens or monsters on scene~


















Cos ultraman was watching from the trees!!!