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Zuiho Daiko Drummers

This will be another back dated posting :) What else is new right??

I seem to have overlooked this event, only when I was reviewing my photos in Lightroom I realized that I have left out at least TWO albums.

The event was held on 28th September 2008 at the Spring. The Zuiho Daiko is a professional taiko (Japanese drum) group with intellectual disabilities from Nagasaki, Japan. They were at Sibu as well, documented by sixthseal.com.

You would never have known that these drummers have disabilities.

It was a really nice events, to me personally drum sounds & beats are very basic and natural. Somehow it strikes a cord with me.

Even the kids were having a good time listening to the drums

Apparently they are a convoy from japan that goes around asia trying to bridge the gaps between places that was occupied by japan in WWII... well, thats what this uncle said and was translated. Unless I heard wrongly.

What ever the reasons were, it was a good experience for everyone. The drums echoed throughout the mall.

A very enthusiastic drummer

Even the general public was invited to have a go at drumming to the beats.

The performance drew a large crowd. Many of whom were surprised as there had not been much publicity about the performance. I personally know of it when I was informed by YuanAnn & Allen.

When I was on my way home, I stopped by the road side to catch this~ beautiful sunset. Looks ok dont you think so ? No ?



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