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trip 05 in 2008 PartA

27-03-2008 - Thursday

So as we know from the previous blog, I missed my flight to Miri, and I ended up in Bintulu and then made my way to Miri. During this trip I borrowed a Sigma 10-20mm f4.0 from Alex Teo. Just to try out some scenery shooting. Ended up I didn't take much of any scenery more of people with altered heads :-D


*in flight shot*

*whops! was not me! it was like that when I got there!*

In any case the flight to Bintulu was uneventful.

*See... Uneventful!*

Arrived on time and waited for my colleague to come fetch me. So I went online and checked mail. Check out this photo of me trying to look busy in a very empty airport.

*empty airport*
*act busy*

Liong drop by to pick me up and we went for a quick breakfast and we went to visit few users. Then we went to lunch and visited a few more dealers.


*This is Bintulu*

After that we had a quick lunch pumped fuel and headed to the Bintulu Promenade.


~Bintulu Promenade~

After that we left for Miri around 300pm.

*On the way to Miri*

*My driver*

Reached Miri around 445pm checked in to my hotel looked out the window and saw this.

What a beautiful afternoon. Anyways, I stayed in the room working on my laptop till dinner time, went out makan and came back and work abit more and slept.

To be continued...


So the unlucky streak continues.

We reached Sematan safely. Left Kuching around 1pm, reached there about 2.30pm. Immediately hit the beach! It was awesome. Saw a dead jellyfish, we all froze a while, because this beach is rumored to have a LOT of jellyfish. After 3 mins of splashing around in the water, we all forgot our fears.

The first to arrive was myself, Ah Yap, and Daniel. Then 2 hours later, came Gabriel and Irene. Lastly George, Ivy, Andrew and Melvin. And around midnight, Willy.

The Palm Beach Resort is actually quite nice, but a bit expensive I would say. Dinner and Breakfast is inclusive. Those who buy the meals would have to pay RM48.00 which is about RM 12.00 per meal. For RM12.00 in town, you can eat a really good meal. The BBQ pit was located at a concentrated location, so we could not sit around the chalet while we cooked. The rental of the pit cost RM25.00 excluding charcoal. Even with special relationships with the owners daughter we could not bring down the price :P oh well.

I pulled my arm muscle last night while lighting the fire for the BBQ. Didn't get any sleep because one batch of friends watched tele till around 1am. Then another batch, play BIG2 (CHOR DAI DEE) till around 6am. So my sleep was in and out in and out.

So we were all merrily heading back to Kuching city when disaster struck! My friend Willy was driving a Mazda Fighter in front of me. His car radiator failed and sprung LEAKS. My car, had a leak as well, on the top fiber panel of the radiator. Luckily he stopped, if not I might have shared his fate. Well, I still share the same fate as him la, only thing is I do not need to replace the WHOLE radiator. Only the top bit. I already asked my mechanic as soon as we hit Kuching, it will cost me about RM200.00+ to fix the leaky problem.


I'm so tired, need to log out, need to sleep. Tired...


on the way back from the airport...

...I met a lady who drove a black Toyota Camry who drove about 2 kilometers without switching on the headlamps... Why is this strange? Well, the road was under construction, and there were NO street lighting... Secondly she was tailgating me... I drove slow on purpose, so she could not speed up... hmmm... Only when nearing a construction site, did she realise and finally switched on the headlamps...

Some people! How can you not notice you do not have the lights on!?!?! HOW??? on a road which was under construction!!! The best part is she had a friend sitting next to her, and the friend didnt even notice ???

* * *

Yup wedding invitations... Starting from last month... people are getting married by the bus loads! And yours truly got invited to a few of them. Hooray! Normally I go to about 0 - 1 wedding reception per year... Now I get to go to 4 within 2 months. Hahaha. Why am I so happy? Isn't it obvious? My friends are getting married bah... Therefore I'm happy for them lar...DUH!!!

Argh... But.. I'm still single... ... ... and old ... and gray... ... ... bah.. this is turning depressing... better go to bed now...