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Portraits of Ming Yan

I was quiet apprehensive on this shoot actually. Probably because it was at 7am in the morning and I did not had much sleep, fearing that I would not be able to wake up in time. But thankfully I was able to wake up on time and for the few rare occasions reach the destination on time. 

The session was organized by Desmond Ong aka Boo Boo Photos. Attended by myself and Alvin Jong. And our talented young lady for the day was Miss Ming Yan

For the most part, I normally shoot portraits with the 17-55 and 80-200 lens. While I do have the 50mm lens I barely use it. But just to test out the bokehlicious f1.4 lens I decided to try and use it more. It was the first time I was working with Ming Yan, who turned out to be a really fun and bubbly girl. Who does not mind trying new things. Good stuff. 

Anyways here are some of the shots which I liked.

1) I was shooting thru some leaves, the AF seeked for about split second before finding focus.2) Bokeh-licious background3) Love this one, calmness 4) Leaving...Now lets get some color into the pictures! Her second outfit was a gorgeous purple dress. Must show the color.

5) Purposely to show the bokeh power of f/1.4 lens6) Found a gorgeous green background xD7) Lucky shot, Ming Yan was on the phone, I just put my camera low tilted it a bit and fired 2 shots. Both were in focus at the right spot :)8) Ming Yan strumming her sorrows away xD9) I think this is worthy of some sort of CD cover hehe =P10) Took me a while to get this shot, I was shooting thru a small space. Could not even aim properly.Eventho I did not have enough sleep and was hungry. I knew I had some thing different in my memory card. Different from my usual photos. I guess the lens does really make difference. f/2.8 vs f/1.4. 50mm is not my cup of tea but its something I would use more from now onwards. Maybe a 85mm in the horizon?

Thanks Desmond, Alvin and Ming Yan for a good session! 

Full Gallery at LINK!

Gears used: Nikon D300, Nikkor 50mm f/1.4, Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8, Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8



Portraits of Sasha

I have known Sasha for quiet a number of years, from day one that I have known her she has been a "model" xD now we call her a talent. As she is just modeling part time when she is not studying or preparing for exams. This was my 3rd time working with her. 

Kinda like this set even tho it was a very short session. due to many annoying circumstances of Kuching drivers. And the first location was not available, well it was but it had become something else which we were not expecting.

I really liked this photo, even tho the color was not 'correct'. This was all from natural lighting. Love the reflection of the glass of her hand. =)

This is typical of Sasha, always smiling and teasing people. Notti. 

This photo represents a common problem for photographers, we love bokeh! If you have no idea what is bokeh, well go ahead, do a search! =)


Love this set, even tho I didn't get to shoot much.  Was using the 50mm lens all the way. I did change up to 17-55 for a while but decided to go back to the 50mm. It was always fun to try out CLS in the field. Not easy to work it but I think I did okay. Maybe I should invest in an umbrella. Hmmm..

Rest of the photos are at the gallery.


Thanks Sasha for a good session even tho it was a short one. 


Gear used: Nikon D300, Nikkor 50mm f/1.4, Nikon SB-800, Manfrotto 5001B


end of the month (i)

Wow time sure flies. And I only managed to do one journal post!So I guess this post will be a mash up of everything that happened this month (so far)!

So what has been happening for the past 3 weeks ? Hmm.. good quesiton..I have no idea. days seem to past so quickly when the year is coming to an end.

After shooting the Classic Mini

Myself and rest had a photo session at Barzing. Thanks to the owners to allow us to have a bit of fun in their beautiful place. We were so engrossed upstairs we didn’t manage to ‘play’ down stairs.



That night we shot two beautiful ladies. Elaine and Mariana. But I’m only posting Elaine’s photos for now as I have not complete processing Mariana’s photos. Elaine’s photos are HERE.

Here are a few more of my fav pics of the night.


Beautiful Setting


She did her make up herself~ nice work!Love all the details she did for her appearance

And following that, on Friday (18-12-2009) evening after work, me and the guys went on a street photography and sunset hunt. It didnt really pan out as the sun was hiding behind a bunch of clouds. haha! 


Mosque Selling newspaperI borrowed the TAMRON 2.0x teleconverter from Chze. plugged in my 80-200.


BirdyAfter failing to find good place to shoot the sunset we all decided to go down to the water front to try our luck.


Dewan Undangan NegeriClouds rolling in


My fav of the outingThen we decided to try out some CLS.


Mr PathfinderAfter about another hour of mucking about we went to carpenter street to have our dinner, at Aladin Cafe. 

Photos of the street shoot HERE

To be continued…

Yamaha R1 & Beautiful Jacqueline

If you have noticed since two postings ago. I had a preview, and if you have taken the time to look, actually I have updated the gallery over the week. Two to three photos every few days. And the album was completed last night.

This was the end product of 1.5 hours of shooting (4.30pm-6.00pm). We would have liked to keep shooting for a while longer but we were attacked by gazillion mozzies! Poor Jacqueline got the most itch cos she was showing showing more skin then us.

So the bike is owned by a friend of mine, Dennis. Gorgeous bike. (check out the facebook gallery I did previously) He was telling me that he had changed the rear tail light assembly. And wants me to do a re-shoot of the bike. But this time with a pretty lady. Jacqueline agreed to model for us. I called up Desmond. He was game. So it was on.

We all gathered at 3.30pm and when to the location and try to find the best spot. Which was hard as it was a public road and we were very distracting. Lucky for us the road leads to a dead end. So the traffic was minimal. Even then there were many who were out for a sunday drive. There were weekend cyclist whom we distinctly heard "Hey mai ane meh" the rear guy called out to the leading one in hokkien. Which means "dont go so fast". LOL, I was looking at Jacqueline and she was trying to control her laughter, so was I. Oh well. 

Well here are some of my favorite captures of the day. 

Love the way the light fell on the Jacqueline and the R1. Plus the silhouette of the trees with a bit of sun. 

Tree line was awesome. Light was awesome. R1 was awesome. Jacqueline was awesome. 

I have always liked mirrors. I shoot a lot of reflections. But the bike's side mirrors were perfect, nearly no distortion, and was flat! Unlike most OEM car side mirrors which looks okay to the naked eye, but is actually wavy and not flat!

Processed this shot quite differently. To give it a more edgy look. Toned down the colors. I have another shot which was quite well lit. But I kinda like this. probably should have asked Dennis to turn the lights on to show off the rear lights.  Anyways when we moved the R1 to the center of the road. Most cars saw us from a distance and did a u-turn. Some kids still came along slowed down and looked at what we were doing, but that was few and far in between.


As you can see from these pictures were trying something different. I was shooting with off shoe flash and remote triggering them with my camera's built in flash. Lucky for me the Nikon CLS worked, some what. As long as the optical sensor was pointed in the right direction it worked. Right DESMOND?

I would consider it a successful outing. I was able to test out CLS with total of 3 SB-800's, shoot a pretty gal with a hot bike with nice background. Awesome.

Thanks Dennis, Desmond and Jacqueline for making it happen. Thanks Alex and Stephen for the SB-800s.


Incase you dont know its Dennis, Jacqueline, Me, Desmond :-P

Gallery link : JT & R1