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Day trip to Sapi Island

After 3 days of training in our KK office. On Saturday morning we (myself, Yeo, Annie, Aslina, Peter & Chris) went off to Sapi Island for a day trip. To get some sunshine and some seawater :D We were quite worried as the weather forecast was that there will be thunderstorm in KK. As with any weather forcast we dont know where will be raining and when exactly it will come. But lucky for us the rain was in the late after noon and we had already known so we left at around 2pm.

This is where we left for the island.

Annie, Peter, Chris, Yeo and Aslina (holding the camera)

Sapi Island is a small beautiful island just about 10 mins off the Sutera Harbour. The facilities at the island is like any other island in Sabah, GOOD. I guess it was one of the smaller islands in Sabah. The beach area was quite small, but good enough. We arrived around 9AM, greeted by bright and sunny day! Really takes the mind off work!

One of the few sign on the island.

Beautiful clear waters.

This was sot on the other side of the island.

We had a lot of fun in the water. Even Yeo and Chris who initially did not want to get wet, ended up buying shorts and joined us in the water. They even had a go at burying Chris

One interesting thing about this island is that around noon time (lunch time) the lizards come out looking for food. These buggers are huge and NOT scared of people. Some have tails about 1 meter in length. We were warned not to stand too close as they might last lash out their tails and that would be bloody painful if they can swipe you off your feed and bite u. HAHA! It was not just one or two, it was a whole colony of lizards coming out of the woodwork for lunch.

Wild and dangerous.

Its always good if there is an off time after travelling to go relax and visit the local place of interests. Will upload more photos to the usual galleries when its done. I need to get back to doing reports on this beautiful Saturday.

Before that 2 more photos from the island.

Marine police doing their rounds?

Yeo said got dead body on the beach, HAHAHAHA!


Hopefully got chance to go to another island soon! schweeet~