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Sensor cleaning by Nikon techs

The other day while I was at Grand Margherita Hotel having the Macam Macam Ada buffet~ I had to skip a lot of food to run up to third floor, for the sensor cleaning session by Nikon techs. 

They had advertised that it was open to public in the newspaper, but when we (CK, Ronny, and Patrick) reached there the organisers said that it was for reporters and media only. Anyways since it was their fault for the false advertising, they agreed to service our cameras after they were done with the professionals gears

I left the my Nikon D300 camera body with CK while I ran down to grab my stuff. When I returned CK told me that my camera sensor had DEEP scratches. Oh no! Good excuse  to UPGRADE! But it does not seem to impact the photos. So I guess I'll live with it for a while. 

Had a talk with the organiser, from Futuramic if I was not mistaken. Ask him why didn't they organise it for the public, he said its complicated and they would not be able to handle it. Sigh. I'm sure there are many ways to go about it. Maybe have LIMITED slots of maybe 30 people? I seriously do not mind paying for a proper Nikon tech to clean the sensor. I only clean my camera sensor when I go to West Malaysia. Either to Menara PKNS or Time Square. Urgh.

At least the sensor is cleaned for now, altho I think I did spot a spec of dust on the photo during the photo walk last Satuday.


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55]



Business Lunch @ Nu Er Hong

This is way over due... like from 2010! Year end, too many happening things really bogs me down... sometimes. Anyways. Was at Pullman Hotel (Kuching) to try out the business lunch at Nu Er Hong Chinese Restaurant. They had a new chef, and a new menu.

And its only RM 18++ from Monday to Saturday. Where you get 1 appetizer / soup + 1 main course + 1 vegetable. I think its not bad since your dinning at a really nice place and the food is excellent. If your business lunch is kolomee and kopi-o kao then this may not be the best place for you to have your power lunch.

It was actually my first time at Nu Er Hong and I find it to be quiet pleasant. Probably because everything is relatively new and nice.

Basically once you placed your order, from a complex array of dishes it arrives, looking some what similar to this. The order form is like a very complex survey form I got quite confused so I just simply ticked one item from one area LOL! noob.

As there were like 10 of us, it gave us opportunity to take photos of almost 10 different combination of food. Didn't really get to try all of them but from what I gather, it was all good !

One thing tho, as all the dishes were put onto the tray and there were so many of us, it was quite hard to move things about.

Fried RICE! Yummm

This was a signature dish, Golden Sand & Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab.

Pictures does not do this dish justice!


There are two types of dumplings to choose from the “Hot Bamboo Basket” either steamed fish maw dumplings and steamed prawn dumplings with pumpkin.

Ops... siaran tergendala~

I think these are Anna, Eve and Cyril. LOL!

Okay back to business!

Bak Chang aka Chong Zi aka 粽子 ~ was also a side order at Nu Er Hong.

I love this shot a lot... natural side light LOL!

Then there was another must have, Chee Cheong Fun with Duck meat! It is unlike any I have tried as they had a secret ingredient inside. Something very Vietnamese LOL! Ok, it was Vietnamese net. =)

Alicia & Chef Wei Kim Soon

I dont know why he so beh song (annoyed) me lol, not nice meh this picture.

Anyways if you are in town and could not think of a nice place to take your client, and want to try out something new and delicious. Give this place a try~

For more information call  +(6082) 222 888 or visit http://www.pullmankuching.com/


[GEARS: Nikon d300, 17-55mm, 50mm, SB-900]



end of the month (ii)


So after the street shooting two days later I left for KL. Business trip. Manage to meet up with Ian and some of the GRA fellows. Manage to catch up and have few sessions of game time LoL. Its been a while since I went to any cyber cafe to have a crazy game time.

The next day met up with Ian again, actually wanted to go to KLCC to see some convention or something. But when we reached there it was over ! It ended early. HAHAHA!

So we ended up eating something at the KLCC food court. And then went down to grab some photos. I did a looong panorama.

Panoramic Stitch

After that we headed off to Rawang to send a friend to dinner.. HAHAHA!

Screenshot from Nokia n79

Managed to take a few shots from the car. Taken with the Nikon D300 and Nikkor 17-55mm AF-S f/2.8G DX.

Shot from the car

Beautiful colors of natureHeaps of birds flying about. Scary wor.I wonder what sort of birds are there. Aparantly during dusk there are a lot of insects that fly about. So thats why the birds were swarming about. The last time I saw something remotely similar was in Mulu caves, when the bats came out of the bat cave to look for food.

Stopped at traffic light.plane n the moonIan’s ride. Family man.Would have liked to see more of the factory.After that we went to pick up Ian’s family and his extended family. And headed down to behind Jalan Alor for some famous beef noodles.

Below pics were taken with my Sony Cybershot DSC-T90

Yummy, Ivan’s family member

She joined us for dinner.

Delicious soupBeef noodles? heheOf course after dinner. We went to play some computer games haha!



Escalators and Japanese Food in Brunei

Yesterday I took a road trip down to Brunei wth Irene, Cynthina, Roland and Daniel. Was suppose to go last trip but, I kinda forgot to bring my passport.

I was glad i made the trip. Thanks to Roland for driving us up. And keeping us safe~

After entering the border, we headed to Empire Hotel & Country Club for a looksie.

It was really big and really grand hotel. Here are some pics I took with my Nikon d300.

Marble Floor

View from the escalator. I think the glass wall is about 4 story high.

You have to take 3 escalators to reach the ground floor. >.<”

Riding the escalator~

Chairs without tables… hmm..

Me under the golden escalator~

Curved balconies in the building.

Guess what !

One of the suit buildings to the left of the lobby building~ very very nice from the outside.. I wonder how is it on the inside.. mmm

Roofing from one of the buildings near the beach.. nice honeycomb design..

Wouldnt you like to be like her… relaxing in a 5 star hotel by the pool side? Reading your fav book?

Or like him? enjoying a leasure swim in the pool on a hot day?

The other block of rooms to the right of the lobby.

View facing the blue seas… mmm… nice and relaxing ?

After mucking about for a bit, we went off from the hotel and went down to Gadong. Of course how can we leave without taking a group photo ?

Image taken from Irene’s FB account :) I think I’m loosing my neck…

After a short drive we arrived at Gadong. The last time I was there was probably two years ago. I did not know there was a super famous Japanese restaurant there called Excapade Sushi. I have been hearing about it for a while now. Only till yesterday was able to experience and understand what was the fuss all about.

Here are some shots, shot under AWB with my trusty Nikkor 17-55mm f2.8 lens.

I have no idea what was this…


Chicken… delicious ..

mmm~ salmon sushi… the picture does not do the dish justice!

Tuna Sushi~ slurp!!

Crazy ass party plate… $B50.00! Well worth the money!!!

Close up~

Trying to give a sense of perspective on the size of the party plate… its huge

HAHA! Still had time to do some CLS photography~ Check out the thickness of the salmon! Really fresh and delicious…

Not convinced? Let the pretty gal try to convince you la..

See, she was already licking her lips when see the piece of salmon!

How about the thickness? Maybe the next photos will give a better idea.

The Nokia n79 is 15mm thick… that piece of salmon is at least 10-13mm.


Here are some shots of the place

This leads to another block… more place to dine! Didnt take photos… shy ma.. :-P

Ops…. where did the meat go? Poor sushi!

After we had our fill of Japanese delicacies we headed to Bandar Seri Begawan.. Near Kampung Ayer…where we saw a lot of boats ferrying people to and fro to the Kampung Ayer.

The pictures below were taken with the classic Nikkor 80-200mm f2.8 lens

They were ferrying the locals as well as tourists for $B3.00 per person. Irene tried to nego a better deal, but couldnt. hehe! nice try Irene

Kinda like this shot. MmMMm…

Haha! check out Cynthina … so PRO..

So after kampung Ayer… we started our journey back to Miri.. along the way it started to rain heavily. And kind kind of rained till 8pm or so.. what a tiring day =) at 9 something I met up with Peter and went yumcha till about 1am.. I was beat.. went back to the hotel and slept like a log!

Oh and I’m posting this from Halo Cafe~ hehe thanks for the wifi.