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20081208 Portrait shooting

Another overdue journal >.< I hope this is not going to be a habit. ^__^ I'm working my way back, as fast as possible. New years resolution.

Venue : Travillion
Time : 8.00AM (I came fashionably late)
Models : Cynthia, Eleanor, & Jenny
Photographers : Stephen, Alvin, Methos, Cecilia, Chze, Alex, Micheal and me

It was another famous pazuzushot.com model shooting outing. Thanks to him, for organizing and coordinating everything, and finding pretty models for us to shoot. Part of the reason why we are re-shooting Cynthia and friends is because Stephen met Cynthia at her brothers wedding and he was smitten!

Don't believe? Check out the image I captured below, doesnt it seem like he was proposing to her?






not convinced?






hehe, no I was just kidding. He how ever did mention that he would like to shoot Cynthia and her friends, and I just conveyed the msg to Alvin. And coincidentally they were free, we were free, so we all came together and shoot! As we only had 3 models and 8 photographers it was 3:1, 3:1, 2:1 ratio. We were suppose to swap models after 40 mins, but Stephen could not get enough of Cynthia. KIDDING!

Anyways I only manage to shoot Eleanor and a bit of Cynthia.

Here are some random photos from the outing.

Eleanor and Jenny

All 3 with super tele lens!!! I'm so jealous!

This is Cynthia, erm... being adorable XD

3 pretty ladies

I think we were trying to do the Charlies Angels look, but that didn't really work out :P

I think I framed them too close to the center of the frame, feels very normal, oh well, rooms for improvement.


Laugh all you want, thats how you get different angle and good photos! Maybe I shold try that some day, and get some award winning photographs too. Hmmmmm... points to ponder.

Slightly more decent XD

Missing a few people :D

As I have said at the begining of the post, I only shot two of the three models. Reason being we ran out of time. So next time we have to plan properly how to manage time. By the time we concluded, it was quite hot already. Everyone was sweating.

Here are my two albums:

Till next update =P