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trip 05 in 2008 PartC

+++Been so busy with work... until now have a bit of free time to continue to blog. trip 6 already came and went :P 7 and 8 are coming up! very back logged. +++


29-03-2008 (Saturday)

So the next day I woke up from my sleep and looked out the window

..and I looked down to see the rat...

*very flat rat!*

I looked up a bit...

*hee!!! Another rat!*
*friend what happen to you... >piak!<* *tayar*

So I after that I store my tripod and my camera gear and when to take a shower. I went down stairs to wait for Peter to arrive. As I have nothing to do, I took some street photos.


*Another look*

So Peter came by in his yellow warrior.


*We went to grab some fuel*

*Another of his ride*

We spent another hour or so to take photo of his Yellow Warrior. And then we had some bak-kut-teh for lunch and then Irene said she wanted to show me to another place in town with decent beach. As I had a bit of time to kill before moving down to Sibu.

So arriving there I was like, aiyoh. Cloud over cast, I dunno how to shoot wooww...

*Maybe looks better with sunglasses*
*Maybe can try multishot*
*Ah! Found a beetle!*
*Does this feel wide?*
*Woh! She can jump really high!*

Anyways we went for coffee after that, met up with Peter again and off I went to the airport. My first time flying in a Fokker 50. Which cramps about 50 ppl into the plane. The ride was just under 40mins to Sibu from Miri. I didnt know much so I did not check in my luggage. Bad move, as I was carrying 4 items, one for my clothing, one my camera bag, one my laptop and another tripod. -_-" Along the way to my seat I was storing things, left right and center.

*Looking out the small window*
*Look, its really cramp!*
*No idea where this is, but looks good and well developed*
*Sun is setting*

So I arrived at Sibu airport, and my parents fetch me. We had a quick dinner, and after that I drove down to Serikei, to my uncle's house to spend the night.

...to be continued

trip 05 in 2008 PartB


Yeah I know, I'm long winded :-P Anyways this will be less pictures as the previous posting cos I was busier with work!

28-03-2008 - Friday

So the next morning woke up had a late breakfast, visited some more dealers, the usual boring stuff. And would you know it, it was LUNCH TIME! muahahah!

So we(me & Liong) meet up with Irene. At a Thai food restaurant. It was quite good!

*her lunch*

*me acting busy again*

*I also got camera!*

*This is what I got from my phone*

*me and Irene*

*Liong and Irene*

So after lunch we bid our farewell to Irene and we continue to work in Miri. At about 530pm I went back to my hotel it was raining. I looked out my window and I saw...

*Only images I shot using my 18-135 & my tripod*
*I was checking exposure and a car drove by. -_-"*

Interesting things we see when we look out window, only if we take the time to look around.

to be continued...

trip 02 in 2008

yeah.. just came back from a short and hectic work trip to Kuala Lumpur.

I went on Saturday (27-01-2008) by AirAsia and came back last nite on (29-01-2008) by MAS. I actually wanted to go over on Saturday, but I had a wedding reception to attend.

Day 1 (Sunday)

Me and my colleague Darren flew from KCH, and another (Liong) flew from Miri. After reaching LCCT, we waited for Liong and then we headed down to Eastin Hotel.

After checking in, I went to 1Utama with Siew Pao and Carey. Where I spent about RM 750.00 on clothing and shoes. :P yeah, never did I buy so much worth in one afternoon... in about 3 hours time. Oh well... there was a lot of sales going on, the items I bought ranged from 10% - 50%. On top of that, Siew Pao had like all discount cards to nearly all the shops there!! >.<" oh well. Then Jia Yong picked us up and we headed for dinner at Asia Cafe (?) I think thats wat its called, near Taylors collage Sunway area. Then it was back to the hotel! zzzzzz!!

Day 2 (Monday)

Next day it was work work work. We had a full day of training till about 4 pm. We got off early as we were missing some components so we could not do a hands on. =] We went to dinner with the bosses at a restaurant called Bali. Whole team turn up, about 30 over persons. Oh and thanks to Raymond who turned up with the Flash Diffusers, which we had gathered for purchase amongst our photo kaki's.

After dinner a few guys and our operations manager went to get some beers at Hartamas. Incidentally met his friend and my gosh, they sure like to drink. Yes~ I admit, I puked. Heaps! =.= I still dont understand, fun mey like dat.. haha anyways got back to the hotel just before midnight, and crashed till about 2am, where my room mates from JB and PG came back. Chatted a bit and zz..

Day 3 (Tuesday)

I started the day with a hangover. Had no appetite for breakfast, had half boil eggs, then we were in training / meeting whole morning. zzzz.... boringz.... den had lunch at 2pm. back to office and meeting some more.

Our flight was at 8.40pm. So we arranged pickup from our hotel at 6pm. Luckily we hired a bigger taxi, those MPV type. As one of other region's rep didnt book and we had extra seat for him. But his room mate, was going to LCCT had not made arrangements, he had no ride. So I asked our taxi driver to call his office to arrange for one for the stranded rep. The taxi was there in less than 5 mins as there was one nearby. I guess it was not his luck cos the taxi picked up the wrong passenger. Well to cut the story short we got him another taxi which arrived much later, and in the end, he didnt make the flight and had to stay overnight. Sad.

So we checked in. Had dinner, hanged around a bit and went to the boarding area. When I approached the area, I saw a familiar face. Tze Lei, was there reading a novel. haha. She was in PG then KL and was going back to KCH. We chatted a bit and boarded the plane. We had a delay as there was 2 missing passengers. And the crew had to unload their luggage. =] Another missed their flights. 1 hour 45 mins later we were back in KCH!

My dad came and fetch me from the airport. And when I got home there was a package for me. Hmmm... curious... upon closer inspection it was a package from JPS (Jabatan Pengairan & Saliran). Few months back I joined one of their competition introduced to my by Alex.

*Eh? JPS?*

So I open it up to find a beach towel and certificate.

*who is GARALD LIM ??*

Oh yay... they got my name wrong. hahaha, it seems I have won the consolation prize for the Pertandingan Fotografi persona Pantai Malaysia. Check out the website at http://photo.water.gov.my. I guess its better than nothing. But why didn't even notify the winners at all. No letters of notification, how was the photos selected? by whom? where is it now? what will happen to it?

Oh well at least I got a free beach towel~ w00t~!!!


trip 1 in 2008

Yup! back from another business trip to Miri and Bintulu.

I flew into Miri on the 12th Jan 2008 then me and my colleague drove his car down to Bintulu on the 16th of Jan and I flew back from Bintulu to Kuching on the 17th, while he drove himself back to Miri where he is stationed.

I was fortunate enough to have a good guide to bring me around in Miri. She showed me the sights, and brought be to the best places to dine. Well no one ever brought me around Miri for good food. So this trip, I felt much like a tourist, which is a good thing. Then can do as a tourist do X-D.

-day 1-

Right off the bat after checking into my cheap hotel she took me to eat noodles. Super oily but nice.

This actually feels like kampua?


Then she took me to Hawaii Beach. Its quite secluded in a sense as the road leading to it is quite hidden we had to drive up and down to find it. A small road hidden by the kampung. The beach was quite nice, but there was litter, typical Malaysian beach :-( we took some fotos and we left. For lunch we went to Nikko. A Japanese restaurant. Personally I seldom and rarely have the chance to eat Japanese food. I think last round was Yoshinoya in KL. Great beef bowls !

*nyam nyam* lonely sushi~

And then I went back to the hotel to rest a bit. Took a 2 hour nap. And it was dinner time! haha~ went to a seafood restaurant. Banyak fresh the food.

This is super delicious! Yummy!

After dinner, we went to a concert organized by the Miri Orchestra and Choir Society (MOCS). I have never been to such an event before. I must say it was quite enjoyable, but the annoying buzzing fan somewhere in the hall was annoying. MOCS are definately onto something, but the venue could have been better. Sound does not really expand in there. And the spectators are quite loud when they speak. kinda of annoying when your trying to appreciate something. Besides that to me, it was a good event.


After the concert finished we went for a drink and then headed back home. What a long day.

-day 2-
Woke up about 10am. Online for awhile, view photos from previous day outing. By noon I went to Imperial Mall which was opposite where I stayed. And met a fellow photography enthusiast from photomalaysia.com forum. Was suppose to meet two of them, but last minute the fellow had something to do.

*Imperial Mall*

We had coffee, talked about photography in Miri. Nice fellow. Hope to have a photo session with him soon.

So around 3 pm I went back to my hotel. rested a bit and by 4pm. Irene came by and picked me up and we went to the library. She said there are good views there. So off we went. Their library is really nice. Like modern art or something.


After that we went for dinner at Bintang area. I had a huge serving of mixed grill.

*nyam nyam*

So after that we parted ways as it was late, and the next day I had to work.

-day 3-

work work work.

After dinner with my colleague, Peter came by and we went for drinks at Ming Cafe. stay and chatted for a while and headed back. zz.z.... tired....zz....z...

-day 4-

After knocking off from work. Irene took me to Canada Hill to try and catch sunset. Well sad to say, there were many trees blocking the view so I could not catch the sunset at all haha. I got heaps of clouds tho. Have yet to process them.

*Piccolo Fratini*

Then we went to Piccolo Fratini... an Italian restaurant. Why ? Cos I had the urge for spaghetti.. thats why. Coincidentally, they had anniversary promo, sort of buy one free one kind of deal. All the better for us.

*Not too bad*

So after dinner, we went around looking at rich people houses. And went to Wings cafe. or bar or something. Peter joined us for drinks. Then Ghostie and his friend came by. Chatted till about 11pm and left.

-day 5-

Checked out. had to cancel my credit card, as I noticed the hotel staff copied by 3 digits on the back of the card. better safe than sorry. Still waiting for replacement card to arrive. sucks.

in anycase me and my colleague went to Bintulu after having breakfast.

This was how long it took us, and how much distance we covered. :) GPS is fun! So after checking in, we work work work.

and dinner~ we had

*friend chicken feet*

I have never liked it before. But I must say, this one is good. Every table in the shop ordered at least one serving! haha!

In anycase, the next day I checked out and flew back to Kuching. Upon arrival at the Bintulu airport, I realise something. It looks exactly like the airport in Miri! o.O" its like a photocopy!

I arrived 2 hours before flight. And guess what, there was no WiFi in the boarding area! This is the 1st time I have been to an airport without free WiFi access! Sheesh! So I had 2 hours to kill, I loaded up some series I have downlaoding before my trip and watched them.


whew that was a bloody long post!

time for bed!


Whoops. curious about who is Irene?

*This is her with my Nikon*

last part...

continued from here.

ok ok finally the long awaited 3rd part and final chapter in the Club Med Cherating company trip.

Anyways we the DYNAMIC DURIANS won the telematch! YAY! GO DURAINS!

~Fellow Durains~

~ Whoopsie ~

~ very hot weather~

The weather was extremely hot that day, but we all manage to pull through it. And for our hard work, we got an umbrella. That would have come in handy BEFORE the telematch started!

Anyways, we finished up around noon, and then we were free to do what ever we felt like at the resort. Some immediately hit the bar right after lunch, Im pretty sure I saw a few there before lunch as well... tsk tsk... they sure know how to enjoy themselves.

After lunch, I headed up to the beach with the other team leaders. Took a small 'train' ride to the beach(about 5 mins ride). The beach was nice, I was a bit disappointed with myself for not bringing the camera along, as I wanted to enjoy the beach :-( *sigh* I was at the beach for the better part of the afternoon. It was awesome.

Went back to the hotel, took a bath and went for dinner. After dinner, Carey and the rest of the admin ppl wanted to go swimming in the pool at NIGHT! I was like HUH? Swim? After dinner? at night?! SOUNDS GREAT! I took off my shirt and jumped in! SPLaSH! hahaha!

~ Me and Carey ~

Actually it was kind of creepy swimming at night. Especially when the other end of the pool was kind of shaded from light. But then again with good company its always good.

~ da pool ~

I swam for quite a fair bit, I love swimming. Too bad I don't have the stamina or the breath like I used to. *sigh* We went back around midnight. I slept like a log.

Woke up next morning around 6am to take sunrise... but the morning sky was extremely cloudy. It was so dark, gloomy and dull :`( anyways, went back to the room around 830am and showered and then headed to breakfast. After that went to the beach with my trusty camera AHAHAHA!! took one or two shots there and then went back to the room packed and move the luggage to the reception area.

Had lunch and we all pilled into the coach back to KL. yet another 4 hours ride. Cherating to KL. Then another hour to KLIA and another 1 hour 45 mins to reach Kuching. What a trip!

~ he was pretty distraught cos we were leaving hahaha~

Well finally its over... the trip.. the posts~ :-) I hope I didn't miss out anything.

Weh... still got RWMF to blog about ! argh! im backlogged!


http://cybreed.multiply.com/photos/album/98 - People shots
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