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Nikon Club Carpenter Street Shoot

I manage to attend the most recent Nikon club event recently (24/03/2012) despide being sick. I managed to walk and shoot for nearly 2 hours. It felt pretty good to get out there and shoot randomly.

It was my first time joining an event organized by Nikon Club. I did sign up for the previous round, but I forgot about it :) So I was not going to miss it this round! Even when I was sick!

So we all gathered around 4.30pm or something like that. I was very hot bright. was kind of surprised to see so many people present. And so many unknown faces :) thats a good thing.

First order of the day, group photo!

Free drinks on a hot day. Of course there were many familiar faces as well. Who seem to dissapear after grabbing the goodies. Leaving me and a bunch to walk Carpenter Street. Cant blame them, if your from Kuching and interested in photography, most likely you have been up and down the Carpenter street area many times. I am no exception, but since I already made the effort to be there. Might as well!

So here goes my journey!

Mending the roofing 

I always liked shiney things. Sometimes you can get pretty interesting reflections.

When I saw this old man, I immediately focused and shot 3 frames as he moved into the shop when he saw so many photographers coming his way. I feel kind of sad when I see his expression. 

This was my favourite photo. Not because it was amazing shot or what ever. It was beause in fact this photo was blown out. I was metering other things and did account for the sun being so harsh and bright. And as per usual I shot in jpg. What was amazing was that I had upgraded to Adobe Lightroom 4 and all the details were pulled back from there. I was shocked. So yea, my fav shot :P

YooHOo~ :)

Under exposed shot, brought back by Lightroom again!

Well this was perfectly exposed. But kinda like this editted look :)

Slowly making my way towards the old courthouse. Saw in a distance at the top of the new mall. One lone worker. 

I wonder what was he doing up there on a saturday afternoon.

Another one of my fav shots. Gosh I got quite a number of fav shots xD So for this shot I ran to the middle of the road, put my camera down on the ground and started to shoot rapid fire. As there were many cars, people and things moving about. I had to do it quickly. So the result of 5 frames (jpeg) combined into a HDR photo. I just love the look of the reflections on the cars and on the ground. Lovely.

Just around the corner I saw many Nikonians gathering and shooting the ironworker? blacksmith? Hmm.. Anyways he has been doing this for a long time. I guess Im the only one who never really shoots him everytime I walk these streets. Maybe because everyone has shot him already? 

Im amazed and the amount of things some of the guys bring. Respect!

Nikon Club!

And more people showed up. 

Produa BMW :) the owner was just sitting at the coffeeshop, he was having a giggle when he saw me taking photo of this :)


Obviously with any city streets you will see these creatures. Rats. I used to live nearby this area. And its a very common sight.

So hard to catch (in focus) they move about so quickly and because they are so small it makes everything more difficult. 

This kid is really enjoying what ever he had in his mouth. =) love this


Coming near to the end of the road. HDR. 3 shots (jpg)

HDR B/W. 3 shots (jpg).

Geoff taking a portrait shoot of his friend :)

Italian stallion rolling by.

Sleepy kat, under the car :) Streeeetch!


old door

Walking back to the starting point. The clouds had started to move in. 

Moments after I shot this, the rain came pouring down. I had to run real quick to avoid getting soaked to the bone.

It was a really nice photo walk for me. Just going about randomly shooting. I should do that more often. Only thing was that there was a competition and I didnt really go thru my photos until last week. When the competition was over =( not that I stood a chance, but at least should have give it a try.

Another thing that could be improved upon was that, there was no conclusion. Everyone went everywhere and how ever long you wanted. Some left after 5 mins. =\

If you like more information on how to join these events, click http://www.nikonclub.com.my/. Big, small, old or new Nikons all are welcomed!

{Geras: Nikon D300, 17-55, 50, 80-200}




Laser therapy at Paragon X3

I was suppose to post this during the 2nd anniversary of Paragon X3 Dance Club a week ago. But I was out of the country(Indonesia) and had not been able to make the post. Therefore I'm just sharing it now. 

In case your wondering how come I do no go to other clubs and shoot, well its becaused I was commisioned by the club as the official photographer for a few of their past events. While other clubs are asking me to shoot for free, at least this one helps to cover the expenses. So I don't mind giving them a free plug.

As per the title, it was a laser therapy at Paragon-X3. Prior to their second year anniversary, they had upgraded their lighting, audio, and video system. But most noticbly was the amount of extra lasers and lights they have installed.

Will my Nikon D300 sensor die an early death from all this laser abuse? ^_^

According to the management, more lights are coming in! This is only 1/3 of what they had planned! 

As per usual, the place is packed to the brim on all levels!

DJ Phat Brown from Kota Kinabalu rocking to house~

Lets dance ~ 

Kinda love this above picture. Feels like she was energizing off the music~ ^^

This is a splice of video I shot that night on 7th May 2011. Testing doing videos with out iMovie. Took me a while. Not 100% happy but its a learning process.

It was tiring as usual but fun. When it ended we were pretty much deaf and blind. Damn laser therapy. Love it.


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55 f/2.8, Sony DSC-T90]




PS. Here is the video taken on the actual 2nd Anniversary which I missed. =(( as you can see from the video there were more lights!!!

Paragon X-3 2nd Anniversary (27th May 2011) from DvjKitz on Vimeo.


DJ Gracie at BarZ!ng

This was from a month ago when DJ Gracie was performing at BarZ!ng (one of our local boutique clubs). 

DJ Gracie is one of our local female DJ's and it was her first time spinning live. She has been doing a lot of vocal work and DJ-ing. Being a freelance DJ, she spins Techno, House, Electro and Trance. Me and Desmond where there to show our support. If memory serves, it was a retro kind of night ;D

Hit the play button!

Gracie - World Fnoob Day Technothon 2011 by Gracie  

Ooo.. lasers~ xD. Ehem, Gracie getting ready.

Here we go~

Gracie at the decks.

After a few shots went down to enjoy the music ;)

The crowd was not there on that Friday, I think mainly due to the Mitsubishi 4x4 Drakar Rally Experience set up which is at the same area. Many people avoided hitting the clubs at that area. How unfortunate!

Argh! Laser!!!

Desmond and Gracie

Me and Gracie, yes I'm red from drinking ONE bottle of beer :P

Random :P

The rest of the shots were shot with the 50mm.

Cool blue DJ Gracie~ 

Continuing to do her thing ;)

It was a fantastic night. Even tho the crowd was not there. It was good, nevertheless. 

Oh, I used one of her tracks (part of) as back ground music in my Lets go bowling video. She said the lyrics were too dark, I'm just liking the beat xD

Listen to more of her work at http://soundcloud.com/gracievox


[Gears: Nikon D300, 50mm f/1.4, 10-20mm f/4-5.6]