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Portraiture of Bibiana

At the end of February, I woke up early to meet up with Pazuzu and Foosi at ta-wan-kung for breakfast and waited for our model to arrive. The model for the session was Miss Bibiana.

^_^This was my 3rd time organizing a portrait outing with friends. Small group where everyone takes turns to take photo, and others helping out with light.


There were two location for that day, the other was my friend's new house. Sort of moved, we will get to that later. Now for some results of the 1st location which I liked. All the picture were not cropped in anyway, its out of the camera with post processing done to 'enhance' the photos.




Love the catchlight in the eyes.

Love this image, shot using the 50mm f/1.8 lens. The eyes are extremely sharp!

After that we went to my friend Clarissa's house. She just moved in before CNY 2010. Its some what furnished, so I thought it may be a good location to shoot. So we headed over here are some of my fav results xD. Really cracking the brain trying to mold the light xD

Shot with SB600 and SB800 speedlightsIt was quite interesting as normally when there are more people in the shoot we do not have much time to set up the lights. But this round we could as we took turns helping each other out. Awesomes.

Shot with one speedlight.The above shot was quite an interesting one where I squad at the side of the door and another speedlight was held by Foosi about 30 feet away outside, as I wanted to get the shadow of the grill and the door frame. 

Initially I wanted to shoot the chandelier at my friend's house dinning area. But its a bit too high so in the end I just used the walls as backdrop. 

One SB800 SpeedlightOne SB800 SpeedlightI seldom edit photos to this degree, but I think this turned out not too bad.

Here are some shots that were shot in the staircase. Shot with both SB600 and SB900 behind a diffuser.

mermaid pose =)

We ended our shoot for the day around 3pm. 

We were trying to pose like her... failedStill failed

After that we packed our gears said our good byes and then myself, Foosi and Pazuzu went for our lunch and McDonalds.

Pazuzu's eyesFoosi's eyesHahaha! it was a great outing! I hope there is more to come! 


All photos were captured on Nikon d300 using 17-55mm f/2.8,  50mm f/1.8 and 80-200mm f/2.8


Classic Mini Austin

I was suppose to shoot some dragons in the morning but it turned out that everyone was busy. So tried to arrange another shot with another dragon and a fairlady in the afternoon. That didn’t work either the fairlady was sick and the dragon was not interested.

So ended up calling up my mechanic, Nick. He was interested so I called up Foosi and we picked a location and that was that.

Below images were shot using my Nikon D300, 17-55, 50, 80-200 and SB800, SB600 (Foosi’s)

This was one of my fav shots

Classic look

Mocha look

Trying to be artistic ? failed.

Another try~

vertical look~ trying to catch the skies~

This is one of those iconic angles. love the reflections on top of the car. maybe should have tried to mute the side lights more as it seems pretty flat and there is no reflections. Well every outing is a learning one.

Foosi’s post : http://foosi-captured.blogspot.com/2009/12/06-december-2009-classic-mini.html




Yamaha R1 & Beautiful Jacqueline

If you have noticed since two postings ago. I had a preview, and if you have taken the time to look, actually I have updated the gallery over the week. Two to three photos every few days. And the album was completed last night.

This was the end product of 1.5 hours of shooting (4.30pm-6.00pm). We would have liked to keep shooting for a while longer but we were attacked by gazillion mozzies! Poor Jacqueline got the most itch cos she was showing showing more skin then us.

So the bike is owned by a friend of mine, Dennis. Gorgeous bike. (check out the facebook gallery I did previously) He was telling me that he had changed the rear tail light assembly. And wants me to do a re-shoot of the bike. But this time with a pretty lady. Jacqueline agreed to model for us. I called up Desmond. He was game. So it was on.

We all gathered at 3.30pm and when to the location and try to find the best spot. Which was hard as it was a public road and we were very distracting. Lucky for us the road leads to a dead end. So the traffic was minimal. Even then there were many who were out for a sunday drive. There were weekend cyclist whom we distinctly heard "Hey mai ane meh" the rear guy called out to the leading one in hokkien. Which means "dont go so fast". LOL, I was looking at Jacqueline and she was trying to control her laughter, so was I. Oh well. 

Well here are some of my favorite captures of the day. 

Love the way the light fell on the Jacqueline and the R1. Plus the silhouette of the trees with a bit of sun. 

Tree line was awesome. Light was awesome. R1 was awesome. Jacqueline was awesome. 

I have always liked mirrors. I shoot a lot of reflections. But the bike's side mirrors were perfect, nearly no distortion, and was flat! Unlike most OEM car side mirrors which looks okay to the naked eye, but is actually wavy and not flat!

Processed this shot quite differently. To give it a more edgy look. Toned down the colors. I have another shot which was quite well lit. But I kinda like this. probably should have asked Dennis to turn the lights on to show off the rear lights.  Anyways when we moved the R1 to the center of the road. Most cars saw us from a distance and did a u-turn. Some kids still came along slowed down and looked at what we were doing, but that was few and far in between.


As you can see from these pictures were trying something different. I was shooting with off shoe flash and remote triggering them with my camera's built in flash. Lucky for me the Nikon CLS worked, some what. As long as the optical sensor was pointed in the right direction it worked. Right DESMOND?

I would consider it a successful outing. I was able to test out CLS with total of 3 SB-800's, shoot a pretty gal with a hot bike with nice background. Awesome.

Thanks Dennis, Desmond and Jacqueline for making it happen. Thanks Alex and Stephen for the SB-800s.


Incase you dont know its Dennis, Jacqueline, Me, Desmond :-P

Gallery link : JT & R1