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Good customer service

Back in 2007 I got myself a Maha PowerEx MH-C9000 charger from Shashinki.com. (posted HERE) It was quite good and reliable, until about beginning of the year. When the display started to go bonkers and decided to show funny signs. Basically the display fried. It was not showing the nice clean information as indicated in the link above.

In March 2009 I logged onto PhotoMalaysia. And messaged DR KKK. Who basically me in 3 hours on how to get my warranty claim. Yup, this charger unit has 3 years warranty. I was suppose to send it back then. But some how I got busy and the thought of not having a charger was not acceptable. I always have something to shoot and I need the batteries charged. Regardless if I need them or not.

So I finally got around to sending it over to Shashinki.com and a day or two later I got an email.

Cool! So as it was in the email. The replacement unit arrived and I have been happily using the charger since. I would have thought the process would have taken a longer time and there would be a lot of investigation on if it was user’s fault etc etc. But there was no questions asked. Maybe I was lucky. Regardless it was good. And I still buy stuff from Shashinki.com. Checking back today. I spent about RM1300.00 from 2007 till now.

Here are some pics I just took of the charger. Hehe. Forgot to attached. not really new now cos I have been using it for weeks.

I would like to say THANK YOU SHASHINKI and DR KKK for all your hard work and keep up the good work! I am a very satisfied customer ! And will still be one for the foreseeable future.