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Another episode of my super duper long back log of blogs number four.

After I came back from Kuala Lumpur, was caught up with a lot of work. I was asked by a co-worker to help shoot some of her photos as she was one of the models, modeling for the World Eco-Fiber & Textile (WEFT) Forum.

Below is an excerpt of their Objectives (taken from their website):

Society Atelier Sarawak is a registered voluntary organization founded in 1986 with three main objectives:
  1. To appreciate and promote, share and acquire knowledge of Sarawak arts and crafts.

  2. To promote cultural exchanges of arts and crafts with other countries.

  3. To encourage research and study into the history and evolution of the culture, arts and crafts of Sarawak.

The event was called International Gala Dinner and Fashion Show held at the Kuching Civic Center on the 13th September 2008.

I went to the event with Allen. As it felt kind of strange going alone, and be sitted for dinner with strangers. But in the end, we got to sit at separate tables, I was seated at the same table with an ex-Toastmaster, and a friend's friend. So I guess it was not too bad. The food came and went really quickly and came in large heavy plates with small portions.

+This is Mr International 2007 from Brazil, Alan Bianco+

The venue was actually quite nice, the last round I was there to shoot the Spring Fashion Show, the lighting was much more difficult, or was it because of the lens I'm using? maybe, but this round my lens was shorter at its maximum range, only 55mm. So there was no up close and personal shots, but this is a fashion show, so must get some of the fashion on display right?

Before that let me post up some familiar faces

Dianne (diayne... I dont know how to spell her name)




Well there are a few more whom I know, but not personally. Hopefully know them in person in the near future.

There was this interesting uncle at the show who was using a film camera! Wow, it has been many many years since I saw someone using a film camera for events. Well, I have no idea what lens he was using, but he had his elbow in my viewfinder most of the time.

A good way to steady one self when taking photos is to lean on something.

He was there most of the show, only time he went off was I guess to load a new roll of film. To my surprise the last time he came out he brought a long some thing newer!

Welcome to the digital age sir~!

I took over 800 shots that night, trying not to miss any moment, but at the end of the day, I just could not get everyone. I was suppose to help Iris (someone I met at the table) take a few shots of her daughter. But I didn't know what she looked like until end of the event! 

Well that's that. Will do better next round. Images can be found at http://www.randomshutter.com/gallery/20080913-weft/