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Emblems and other bits

Last weekend there was a car show at Hills Shopping mall in Kuching. It was a two day event, but I only managed to catch it on the second day, Sunday. There were a lot of local (not really local, but JDM) cars.‚Äč What I was more interested this time was the exotic ones. But because there were so crowded, It was really hard to shoot them properly, and it didn't help that it was raining. 

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Green mobile update

Okay, its been 3 months since I have driven the car. Well 3 months since I took off the rear rims for D.I.Y. refurbishment. About a month ago found out that the battery died. So I took it out and passed to the mechanic to charge it. There after I have been busy. So I only manage to drop by the mechanic’s place this afternoon. Took the battery and plunk it into the Greenmobile.

It cranked! well for a few times then decided to fizzle out. Drats! out of juice again.

So I took out the Blackmobile’s battery and plunk it into the Greenmobile. It cranked a lot of times with a lot of power. Hmm.. still not turning over. And I realize something. I popped the boot, knocked on the gas tank. Shoot! It ran out of gas! &^$W%$!!!

The Blackmobile was running with out battery because I was lazy to set the radio all over again. So I plunk the dead/weak battery into it. To charge it for a few minutes. Then called my dad to help me purchase a few liters of petrol from the petrol station on his way back.

When my dad came back he only bring back 3 liter of petrol in a 4 liter bottle. Ugh. Better than nothing I guess. Poured in the petrol, connected the batteries again. Got into the hot seat, pumped the accelerator about 10 times quickly. And turned the key. crank crank crank….. and it turned! Hahaaa! its alive.. with strange wheez and squeaks… let in run a few mins and then swapped the batteries back. When doing so I noticed the alternator on the Greenmobile was snapping and stopping and going. Jeez. what the hell is wrong with the thing. Maybe it was the source of my battery meltdown 6 months ago. The idling was a bit weak. Probably one of the spark plugs has turned sour. Which reminds me, I need to go get a set of new spark plugs for it. Yummy!

Anyways, now that its alive I have no excuse to keep it on the jack for so long. Must get the rims done latest by next week. Put back the rims & tires. And immediately go for check up at the mechanic’s workshop on the alternator.

I feel so happy, even tho my fingers are dirty with oil and grit. And everything is on my keyboard now. I’m happy its alive and I know soon, I will be out with it. And it is all because I did it.