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DJ Gracie at BarZ!ng

This was from a month ago when DJ Gracie was performing at BarZ!ng (one of our local boutique clubs). 

DJ Gracie is one of our local female DJ's and it was her first time spinning live. She has been doing a lot of vocal work and DJ-ing. Being a freelance DJ, she spins Techno, House, Electro and Trance. Me and Desmond where there to show our support. If memory serves, it was a retro kind of night ;D

Hit the play button!

Gracie - World Fnoob Day Technothon 2011 by Gracie  

Ooo.. lasers~ xD. Ehem, Gracie getting ready.

Here we go~

Gracie at the decks.

After a few shots went down to enjoy the music ;)

The crowd was not there on that Friday, I think mainly due to the Mitsubishi 4x4 Drakar Rally Experience set up which is at the same area. Many people avoided hitting the clubs at that area. How unfortunate!

Argh! Laser!!!

Desmond and Gracie

Me and Gracie, yes I'm red from drinking ONE bottle of beer :P

Random :P

The rest of the shots were shot with the 50mm.

Cool blue DJ Gracie~ 

Continuing to do her thing ;)

It was a fantastic night. Even tho the crowd was not there. It was good, nevertheless. 

Oh, I used one of her tracks (part of) as back ground music in my Lets go bowling video. She said the lyrics were too dark, I'm just liking the beat xD

Listen to more of her work at http://soundcloud.com/gracievox


[Gears: Nikon D300, 50mm f/1.4, 10-20mm f/4-5.6]