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Cats or Dogs?

Which would you fancy as pets? I went to the adopt a pet drive at Green Heights last Sunday morning. There were about 15 cats and dogs there that day for adoption. 

Often many fail to remember that pets are living creatures which requires attention & nurturing like us human beings. In the beginning they find it fun and exciting but after a while it becomes a chore to upkeep the pets, mentally and physically. =(

If I'm not mistaken all the cats and dogs at the drive was all local breed. Nothing fancy, or award winning bloodlines here. 

I wish I can have a pet, maybe a dog. I like dogs, and cats, but I still prefer dogs. :) But my area has a lot of strays which my neighbor keeps. That is a story for another time, for now lets focus on the adorables for adoption. 

I love the photo above. Adorable.

Cat with scary eyes! When the pupils dilate it almost looks like human eyes. It's alive.

Puppies are so excited about everything. So curious, so innocent. 

They say, pets are good therapy for our soul. 

Yet they are so many of them which are abandoned, neglected and some abused. 

I'm glad I have friends who take the time and effort to help out with SSPCA from their busy schedule. 

There is a difference between thinking about doing something and actually going out there and do something about it.

Would you like to give a helping hand to the cats and dogs at SSPCA? How about giving them a home ? There will be another adoption drive happening this Sunday at 10am at Boulevard Shopping Mall

Or would you like to volunteer or donate money? You can find more information at http://www.sspca.sarawak.com.my/ 

Hope to see you all there~

[Gears: Nikon D300, 50mm]




Celcom Blackberry Night @ Boulevard

Was invited to go attend the Celcom Blackberry Night @ Boulevard via Facebook. I guess they kinda spammed everyone and anyone.

In any case the event started at 7.00pm I arrived at 8.30pm as I was at home watching the badminton match between China and Indonesia, mixed doubles for the Bronze medal. What an intense match. If people told me it was for gold, I would believe it.

I went to Boulevard to take some pictures and to check out the new Blackberry offerings from Celcom. Sadly I didn't see anything relating to it except a few banners. Halfway thru the programs (singing) the organisers introduced the 3 Blackberry devices. 3 promoters (models) were showing off the phones on stage which was about 2 meters high. And the crowed was a good 10 meters away. The gals did come down from the stage, but they were kind of disoriented on what they were suppose to do.

I guess it would be good to at least have a people to give out brochures and details of the phones. Not just 3 sets at 915pm or something. There should be more sets available for more touch n feel.

Anyways, it was also a bloggers meet thingy, so a blogger, Irene was called to stage for a quick interview on her opinions and stuff. She was selected because she was the first person to register. Fair enough. Then I was the second third person who got called to the stage. (the second was a guy who did ilovekuching.com) I was stumped. Cos I didn't register. Sure I had a blog, (he quoted cybreed.blogspot.com which I will put to rest soon enough). But I went as a amateur photographer, to learn to shoot under stage and funky lighting.  So it caught me off guard.

Well I'll finish off this post later. I need to go do an interview over lunch. I have an empty position to fill in my company. Anyone looking for a full time job?


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