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Blackmobile Sold

Actually it has been sold off for about a month plus now. I would like to share my experience with mudah.my


Yup, the listed price was only RM 4000. Cheap huh? 

Anyways I listed the car on 17 March 2011, at night. And the advertisment was approved early the next day with an email notification. Even on the 1st day of listing I have already recieved queries about the car via email. By mid afternoon people have called up asking about the location of the car and wanting to view it.

I had forgoten to state the location was in Kuching. I was unable to edit the information. The only way to edit was to pay some money. So I left it as is. If you want to list anything on mudah.my make sure every possible detail is added. And its only free for 3 ad's. After that you got to pay!

On 19 March one guy had already viewed the car. He even wanted to drive the car back that day! But without any downpayment, how was that possible. Thru out the weekend I had more emails and more calls regarding my advertisement. I was amazed at how effective mudah.my was! It was still not sold, but at least people were asking about it!

By Monday (21 March) the 1st guy that had viewed the car called me and said he had the money and wanted to get the car that day!  I have no idea how he came up with the money, but he did. We dealt on that day late afternoon. 


That evening I was still recieving email queries about the car. So I immediately went to mudah.my and deleted the advertisement. 

I still remember when my friend told me to support mudah.my, I think that was about four or five years ago. I remember thinking to myself, 'nah this model wont work, how can it fight against ebay.com.my'. Boy was I wrong. Over the years, listings on mudah.my got more and more while ebay.com.my stayed pretty slow. Even lelong.my was slowing down. I think, I never understood the web design, so compliated. 

I didn't even know they had TV advertising ! 

Another thing that I found funny was, one of my friend who got into car brokering told me it would be difficult to sell my car at RM2000. Thanks mudah.my


Goodbye blackmobile, it has been a fun journey. Hope you serve your new master well like you did me. ;)


Green mobile update

Okay, its been 3 months since I have driven the car. Well 3 months since I took off the rear rims for D.I.Y. refurbishment. About a month ago found out that the battery died. So I took it out and passed to the mechanic to charge it. There after I have been busy. So I only manage to drop by the mechanic’s place this afternoon. Took the battery and plunk it into the Greenmobile.

It cranked! well for a few times then decided to fizzle out. Drats! out of juice again.

So I took out the Blackmobile’s battery and plunk it into the Greenmobile. It cranked a lot of times with a lot of power. Hmm.. still not turning over. And I realize something. I popped the boot, knocked on the gas tank. Shoot! It ran out of gas! &^$W%$!!!

The Blackmobile was running with out battery because I was lazy to set the radio all over again. So I plunk the dead/weak battery into it. To charge it for a few minutes. Then called my dad to help me purchase a few liters of petrol from the petrol station on his way back.

When my dad came back he only bring back 3 liter of petrol in a 4 liter bottle. Ugh. Better than nothing I guess. Poured in the petrol, connected the batteries again. Got into the hot seat, pumped the accelerator about 10 times quickly. And turned the key. crank crank crank….. and it turned! Hahaaa! its alive.. with strange wheez and squeaks… let in run a few mins and then swapped the batteries back. When doing so I noticed the alternator on the Greenmobile was snapping and stopping and going. Jeez. what the hell is wrong with the thing. Maybe it was the source of my battery meltdown 6 months ago. The idling was a bit weak. Probably one of the spark plugs has turned sour. Which reminds me, I need to go get a set of new spark plugs for it. Yummy!

Anyways, now that its alive I have no excuse to keep it on the jack for so long. Must get the rims done latest by next week. Put back the rims & tires. And immediately go for check up at the mechanic’s workshop on the alternator.

I feel so happy, even tho my fingers are dirty with oil and grit. And everything is on my keyboard now. I’m happy its alive and I know soon, I will be out with it. And it is all because I did it.



long friday

I was happily on my way to work yesterday morning after coming back from outstation, when at a junction I heard a screech of tire and saw on my side mirror a motor bike was wobbling and then BANG! He had hit my car and skidded and the driver rolled on the ground.

Getting out of my car, I looked at him and asked " are you okay " he said yeah, I guess he was a bit shocked and terrified and asked me " Why did you indicate signal so late ? " I'm like who's asking you to speed and overtake at a junction?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

By blackmobile, shot with N82 at 2008-01-18

So we moved out of the junction to the side of the road where we wernt obstructing traffic. I inspected my car. Hmm.. no major damage, some paint peeled/cracked. But most importantly the rear lights were intact! Only scratched. Lucky! As I have been unable to source for a replacement yet. I found the left side rear lights, few months back but not the one on the right. Thank goodness for old skool bumpers!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

By blackmobile, shot with N82 at 2008-01-18

And him inspecting himself more, found he had bruises all over his elbow and leg. Lucky for him he had long sleeves on. If not I suspect it would have been even worse.

So we parted ways, as my ride did not have anything major broken. Not much dents. Scratches from the rear to the front of my car. But I think can use wax to hide it. hehe. My side mirror was "Extended" but popped it back. The electronics still worked. His bike in a mess as it spin spun and slided on the ground. But alas it was not my fault. So thats that!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

By blackmobile, shot with N82 at 2008-01-18

What a start to 2008 eh?


cat fight


I was suppose to get the car tuned yesterday, but something came up so I didn't go. Any ways, the night before I was online surfing the forums as usual, about 2am or so, I heard a loud crash and a cat fight.

Cant really tell from the photos...

But there are indeed marks on the car, not just paw prints. I would have to polish the bonnet. Ugh. Bloody cats, last time use to leave paw prints all over the car, now, its claw marks !!! Stoooopid horny cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oh happy days

hmm... kekeke. I'm so happy today. Finally got my brought my motor for a valve fitting. It was hard to clock 500 km when I barely go out these days. But I manage to clock up to around 400km+. So now that all the 8 valves are fitted. I can go tune my carby. ugh. One whole week of vibrating seat is no fun. Didn't really give it a test after I got it out of the work shop. Just short burst of acceleration. Significantly better than last week. The power was not sluggish at all. Unlike before, when I pressed the accelerator, I can hear the carby working really hard but the acceleration does not equates.

The throttle response has also become better. Torque level has also increase as the head was skimmed a few millimeters.

I had a fun drive coming back home. After I fueled up at a petrol kiosk. I drove normally for a while, (till I reach a stretch of road where I usually test, its quite safe, no exits nor entries just straight open road). Then I slowly opened up the throttle, in a matter of seconds I was already in 4th gear.


Of course tomorrow would be better, as I will give it a proper tuning. The mechanic does not really know the weber carburetor as well as me. I'm not an expert, but I know more about it then them. LoL. Oh well, cant sleep, too excited for tomorrow.


It's alive!