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Empty House

They moved!

I didn't do anything! Seriously! Two days or so after I took the photos, they left!

Sony DSC-T90I wanted to use the dslr to shoot it but when I tried the 80-200, I was getting back focus again! Something about the have makes the camera AF not function as it should. Also since I wanted some close up of the hive, I decided to whip out my ultra compact Sony DSC-T90. 

Funny thing is the hive became empty after being in my backyard for a few weeks. Two days ago it was empty, they have left. Yesterday it was raining when I went to work so I didnt manage to see the condition of it. This afternoon after work I came home to find it has degraded and the ants were deconstructing the hive.

Sony DSC-T90A good thing about the Sony DSC-T90 was that it has a function called super macro mode. Where basically you can shoot things really really close like the macro lens.  And I don't have a macro lens.

Sony DSC-T90Sony DSC-T90DSC-T90DSC-T90Now who said that they wont move house? xD



bee hive in the back yard

My mom told be me had a bee hive in our backyard asked me to take a few photos. I finally got around to it at 6.45pm just now after my photo session this afternoon.

Bee hiveI didnt really expect it to be surrounded by bee’s. Doh.. well normally the ones I saw were kept in boxes, barely remember seeing them in the wild

Closer a bit

One strange thing is when I up the aperture from f/2.8 to f/5.6 the usually accurate autofocus kept on back focus. After 5 shots, I switched to manual focus. As I was losing light with every passing second, I tried my best to focus and luckily I got 80% clear pictures, below are some of my manual focused bee’s. 

Minimum focus distance at f/5.6at f/11CloserBeautiful yet scary. Better not bother them, hopefully the move their house la. Else if the colony starts to grow any larger, we cannot go to our back yard!