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Classic Mini Austin

I was suppose to shoot some dragons in the morning but it turned out that everyone was busy. So tried to arrange another shot with another dragon and a fairlady in the afternoon. That didn’t work either the fairlady was sick and the dragon was not interested.

So ended up calling up my mechanic, Nick. He was interested so I called up Foosi and we picked a location and that was that.

Below images were shot using my Nikon D300, 17-55, 50, 80-200 and SB800, SB600 (Foosi’s)

This was one of my fav shots

Classic look

Mocha look

Trying to be artistic ? failed.

Another try~

vertical look~ trying to catch the skies~

This is one of those iconic angles. love the reflections on top of the car. maybe should have tried to mute the side lights more as it seems pretty flat and there is no reflections. Well every outing is a learning one.

Foosi’s post : http://foosi-captured.blogspot.com/2009/12/06-december-2009-classic-mini.html