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Joey Yap's Feng Shui & Astrology Seminar 2011

Joey Yap was in town for a one day seminar on 20th Feb 2011 which was held at the Pullman Kuching Hotel

I have been reading his books since 2007 and was glad to found out via his newsletters that he was coming down to Kuching for a one day seminar. I thought it was a fair price for early birds, as the talk was basically the whole day.

If you dont already know, he has gained quite a large following and popularity as a Feng Shui consultant over the past few years. He goes all over the world to give talks and seminars on the topic and has a lot of books written for enthusiasts (like me) and courses for those who are more serious about learning the subject. 

Registration was at 8 am so I arrived just shortly after. Didn't really know how the seating was going to be. It turns out it was free seating. So I ended up at the second row, wanted to sit in the first row actually. But since I'm carrying a big camera, might as well try not to be so obvious. I only stole a few shots during brief moments when I found things to be interesting. And my intuition was correct, he wanted everyone to pay attention, he even asked the official photographer to stop taking photos. And yes I did ask for permission to shoot some photos at the event, I emailed the organisers three months prior to the event, and the called back and said it was fine to take photos as long as I didnt disrupt Joey speaking.

Huge props representing a few of his books.

This was one of the printed materials which was handed out to the attendees. 

Seeing that the crowd were still dripping in, I went about to shoot some photos of the event. 

This was the registration counter. I think you can still buy tickets on the actual day. I got mine in 2010 :P and found out that I could have gotten it cheaper via RHB Banking !  Not pleased. Why early bird's don't get the lowest price? Also while mingling about I met a number of friends. Many got free tickets from their bosses / companies. Almost everyone I knew (3 people) had free tickets.... that is 100% :P except me. 

Now this section was like a fish market. So many people were crowding over there and trying to make purchases I found it amazing! #1 The prices were very attractive! #2 the collection that they had, obviously was everything that he had written. Some times it was hard to find books on particular topic at the local book stores. 

Next to the fish market was the Bazi Profiling & Chart Printing.

Your suppose to print it out at home and bring it. But in case you didnt, or you forgot, or you left it at home you can still get a reading in the seminar. Thats one of the things I liked about the seminar, because its using your Bazi Chart, the year's reading is more relevant to YOU. Not the general populations of people born in 1999. 

As for Bazi reading, you get 10 mins with the consultants as they help you to decypher your Bazi for year of the rabbit 2011. There are other courses available at a special price that day. Its unfortunate I could not part with my hard earned cash for those courses. Maybe when I earn MORE in the year of the Rabbit, I would be willing to part with more. 

The hall next to the seminar hall was opened for people to pay and collect the products. That was kind of good and orderly. These people are really good at what they were doing. 

I dived back in as more and more people were out side the halls. I enjoyed watching the DVD's that they were playing while we all waiting for registrations to be done.

And obviously the topic on the DVD was about Feng Shui (风水). It talked about property/house Feng Shui, which was also touched upon by Joey later in the day. 

The person who sat next to me bought a whole bunch of books!

Like I said, I only stole a few shots when Joey was speaking. I was trying to absorb what he had to say. 

The next few shots were taken after lunch. Interestingly after lunch our seats moved closer to the stage =)

After everything was said and done, there was even a book signing session, I didnt bring my books, nor did I buy any books, so all I got a photos.

Overall I enjoyed the seminar. The few things he covered:


  • Mian Xiang (face reading)
  • Bazi Profiling
  • Directions (Good and bad directions of the year)
  • Time (Good and bad activation times of the year)


This gave me a better understanding on how each decipline related to the other. And how each of them is used to decypher the other. 

Oh~ going back to the other hall, dang its a nice place to take some photos.. I wonder if Pullman hotel would allow me an hour or two in there for portraiture session.


DONT ask me about feng shui... it takes a lot of reading and understanding it cant be "learnt" in one day ! What I know is only relevant to me. If you want to know, sign up when he comes by Kuching next year!


You can find more of his products at created http://www.masteryacademy.com/ & http://joeyyap.com/


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55mm]