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SAMs Anime Gathering

I was informed of the event by Carol a few weeks back, maybe slightly more, cant remember exactly. The event was held at the Swinburne Multi Purpose Hall. During the day time there was the Chibi Con. And during evening time it was the Anime Gathering basically dinner and some entertainment. I went for the Anime Gathering, cos I was under the impression that there was only one event. Kept thinking to myself why does the event have two names. Only after the event I realised that it was different things. XP

The only other person I know of who was going was Allen. The rest of my photography friends were not interested to go. Oh well. I guess they have better things to do like getting their hair cut or something.

+Table for 10+

If I was not mistaken there was about 15 tables or so. Maybe slightly less and the turn out, for me was less than expected. As the cosplay/anime movement so far I have seen has been really active and strong, yet I didn't see many of the cosplayers turn up. Strange. If all of them turned up, and everyone brought a guest I'm sure the place will be filled to the brim.

Once you enter the all on the right hand side were displays of the figurines and some drawing books.

+I just arrived and I saw Allen clicking away.+


So I decided I would do the same thing as well. hehe, what's there better to do than to take photos of inanimate objects?

+Saber. I don't know who's is this but I think before you show your collection, you might wanna clean it up a bit. So many cobwebs+

+Kicking it. WaCha!!!+

The event suppose to start at 6.30pm. But things really started to kick off just slightly after 7.30pm. Guys remember, guests do not like to be kept waiting, every one was hungry.

+This was the Pressident of SAMS, Ian Chang.+

Then there was a segment for ice breaker. Strangely enought it felt more like a thanks to all the hardworking committee than an ice breaker. XP. Anyways the ice breaker was to invte everyone of the committee to go up on stage and do a toast! with strawberry milk. Nice.

A part I liked about the event was there was a treasure hunt in the middle of the meal -__- which got everyone to participate and interact with each other. Gets everyone to mingle. The chaos ran for about 15mins or so.

+people were running around, turning over chairs.+

+Running around looking for clues.+

+Checking for strawberries.+

+Ian didn't want to give out the prize to the winners.+

+The winning team of the treasure hunt.+

Then after that, we were entertained with a japanese song sung by two cosplayers. I was trying to take a few shots and...

Do you know who this is? This was the famous ALLEN ANG! Grrr!

The gathering ended about 10pm. With a lot of group photos.

+Me and Carol. Taken by Allen who does not know how to use a Nikon, shame shame. I know how to use the 50d leh!+

+Lightsabers are always COOL! Way to go Melvin+


Been waiting whole day for youTube to get this video done. I hope it does not infringe copy right again, cos I didnt add the soundtrack, its background sound. :P

Well thats all for SAMS - Anime Gathering. Next year will be a bigger one!


Gallery : http://www.randomshutter.com/gallery/20081206-sams-anime-gathering/



This post is another back log blog for 27th September 2008. Almost up to date!!!

So after I came back to Kuching, I went off to Kuala Lumpur again, heh~ I was only home for like 2 weeks in September 08. I stumble upon another event in KL. Well, I guess there is an event every weekend in KL. One of my friends was working at one of the booths, so I knew that there was an event in advance. It was my last day in KL  for that trip. Therefore I only had one morning to shoot some photos.

U-mobile is really pulling out all the stops. They are EVERY WHERE.

Gamers trying out online games

There were about 30 booths for games from many local publishers / resellers. Most of them are pushing online games. Probably those game were ported from Korea or Taiwan. 

Funny that Sony with their PS3 (just officially launched in Malaysia) but Nintendo was there with Wii and WiiFit.

Then there were the anime fans and cosplayers. I only managed to grab a few pics as I was there quiet early and it was the first day of the event.

Guess who is he?

This girl was really cool and poised.

This one had a lot of weapons! Spears, swords and all.

One thing to note about the convention center, the lighting was extremely harsh. I had a difficult time getting the exposures correct. Had to use the flash unit. But some how the results also was quite harsh. Only after the fact that I realised I should have tried to set custom WB. maybe that might have helped a bit.

Oh well, what is done, is done.

Gallery can be found at http://www.randomshutter.com/gallery/20080927-acgc/