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Slow Saturday

As my parents are out of town. I had to send some stuff up to the farm. Brought along my camera to see if I came across anything interesting to shoot :) Lively puppy. Looking way better than 2 weeks ago.

A frog visiting my solar charger.  LOL!

The energetic pup keep trying to paw me. 

And he wouldnt stay still.. . 


lick lick

kinda like this shot. 

The weather today was a bit crazy. Rain intervals every 5 mins, then sunshine in between. 

I shot this when on the ferry going back home. I didn't know why I shot it...

.. But this was the second shot with my windows down as the police car drove off. It had started to rain. The kids spotted me as I initially wound down the rear windows. Everyone looked away after that. =\


Ah.. so that was my boring Saturday. How was your Saturday?


[Gears: Nikon D300, 50]



The cutest thing...

...is a sleeping puppy. Some people may disagree as they dislike cute furry animals but I dont, I love them. Or many you think cats are more adorable and cute. Each to their own. So I came home yesterday around 1pm the sun was scorching hot. Opened the gate and saw the puppy sleeping in the drain. heh~ Recorded the video went upstairs found out that I forgot to save the video, I cancelled it instead! Doh! Went down and reshoot the video.


After that the video was posted directly from my phone, I didnt realise it was 70MB+ and in "HD" its raw with no fancy editing from iMovie like the iPhone4. Just strait up video. =) 


[gear: Samsung Galaxy S]


Toto the happy energetic dog

The story of totoLast saturday I met up with candy at around 8.30am after I had breakfast with Alex, CK, Foosi and Vell. They were up and about very early to go and grab some macro shots. I on the other hand was meeting with a very energetic dog, named Toto. Toto was only four months old, hence he is curious about everything and anything. The first thing he did when he was off the leash was to eat grass. hahaha Well, I do not know if he really ate the grass or was he just biting it for fun. He even tried to bite the tree too! hehehe! He was very energetic and does not really tire! He would sit for less than 5 seconds and wil be up and about again! 

Okay, enough of words, more of the cuteness! 

Hunting =)


Happy…run!!wonderingtercut his nose, but I still kinda like thisAnother out of frame shot, I like!restingToto and Candyhuh?=)shy?snif sniff… wats there?weee~look at me !

tiredI love this shot ! a bit tight but.. still loving it !=) =) =)

go left?go right?adorablePwease dont steal my stickinnocentdun chain me““cant catch me ! HAHA~BYE! It was a very tiring experience for me. First time shooting pets, and what an energetic and absolutely adorable dog. I was busy chasing Toto till I burped and the laksa was coming up! hahaha! 

I hope to shoot more pets in the future! Thanks Candy! 


Gears used: Nikon D300, 50mm f/1.4, 17-55mm f/2.8 and 80-200mm f/2.8