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Angry Birds Lite Beta on Android

Angry birds have finally come to Android.

Well, its still in beta.

I have been reading and hearing about Angry Birds for a while now. It started with the Apple iPhone and then went to the Apple iPad. There was a release on Nokia phones but it was as far as I know only for the Nokia N900 (booo) other Nokia touch device can not play it =P

Very entertaining cinematic trailer. [MUST WATCH]

In game trailer, showing off the 5 abilities of the 5 different birds available in the game =))

Angry Birds features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based castle demolition, and lots of replay value. Each of the 120 levels requires logic, skill, and brute force to crush the enemy.

Only until recently I had the chance to play it on my Android device. None of my friends who were on the Apple iPhone tried this game, I guess they have too many games to play. In any case if you have ever played Worms back in 1995 well its almost the same thing. The only twist is that its not turn based, and you have a limited number of tries to reach the objective or you lose the round. 

Angry Birds Lite Beta was made available on the Android Market around 3rd September 2010, I only found out four days ago. It only has one stage as its still in beta.

So that was how I did. At this point in time if you hit the Full Version button it will lead you to its landing page where you can fill a form to be informed of when the full game is to be released. I cant wait ! I wonder why the screenshot got cacated. Ugh, must try other software next time. 

And since its a beta, it may fail sometimes. For me, its been about 5 percent, where it loads and then just closes. Fire it up again, and it runs like a gem. Funny how that is. 

So if you have an Android Device (2.x above only) and want to give this game a go, then head to the market place and let the birds fly! 

OR Scan the QR code below and let the birds fly ! =)