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Just back from GRA

I was in KL over the weekend for GRA ROUND TWO with Desmond and Foosi. And I almost did not make it. Reason was that my uncle had passed away on Thursday and the funeral was on Saturday. My flight was on Friday evening, therefore I had to forfiet one of the ticket to attend the funeral. I could not make up my mind to go to KL or not, but on Friday night I purchased a one way ticket to KL.

I have even already checked in on Thursday afternoon. Before I heard the news of my uncle's passing. 

Anyways I was glad I went, I met up with a lot of friend's this trip, namely Anna Wong, Ivan Khong, Ian Khong, Mickey Teoh, Jack Tan and many more

Time to rest now, shot nearly 3000 photos in two days, lots of repeats to go thru~ so, so tired




Flying november and burnt tickets

Another flying post. hahaha

There are a few common things you will find in my journal posting here. photograhy related, car related and work related. Specifically flying about.

Sometimes I fly about so much I confuse myself. So thats why when I have chance I will post about it. Like this round

I’m actually in Miri. On work trip. I flew from Kuching to Bintulu on 11/11/2009. Then 12/11/2009 I travel by car to Miri. Tomorrow will go down to Brunei for a day trip. Hopefully there are some things to shoot over there and the weater holds.

If you see the screen shots I have three tickets to Penang. Dated 19th Oct, 19th Nov and 19th Nov. The first burnt ticket on the 19th Oct was due to Silly me. The Kuching > Penang flight on 19th November was in response to the burnt 19th October ticket. >.<”

It turn out I needed to go to KL on 17th Nov for work purposes. Meaning I have burnt my 19th Nov from Kuching to Penang. Two tickets burnt ! So far it has turn out to be expensive trip to Penang. The wedding dinner banquet better be good!

And due to personal reasons and work, I am also burning my tickets to Bangkok =( the sacrifices that we make for the company which is never noticed.

So all in all I’ll be out of my home for about two weeks and I will have a heavy backlog of things to download. Unless I can get my NAS torrent program to run! That would be awesomes~ Will do a small write up on it when I get it done. But I only have 1 day rest back in Kuching before I fly to KL. I wonder if that is enough time. Hmm.. better start to do my research now.



long day yesterday

I landed in Kuching from LCCT at 11.23pm.  My flight was suppose to take off from LCCT at 7.40pm But at the end of it, the flight only took of at 930pm or so. What a long day it was. The day started of slow with heaps of meeting and updating in HQ. Then we went out for lunch and the more meeting. Which I didn’t finish as I needed to catch the flight back to Kuching.

The taxi came at 4.30pm. The taxi somehow took a wrong turn and we ended up taking more time to reach the air port. Normally it only takes 50mins or so. But this ride took about 1 hour 30 mins or so. By the time we reach there we had about 20mins before checking in to the boarding area.

I went to use the ticket kiosk. Slotted in my credit card and I got my ticket printed out. When I tried to go to the xray area the reserve police said I needed to get my printed ticket chopped. Hmm… So I turned around to counter 68 to get it chopped.

Blur. Purposely one. :P

So I got in to the boarding area. Sat down, chatted on my mobile for a while. Then they announced that the flight was delayed due to bad weather. So, I played some PSP games. Then they said the plane was having some malfunctions. So I went online on my laptop to play some Facebook games. And finally we boarded the flight AK 5218. On the plane we waited and waited, they announced that the plane was having trouble getting some clearance issue or something. ~_~”

It’s one of those super long days! After much delays, I finally reached home 11:40pm.


Which leads me to the next segment of the story.


While I was in KL on Tuesday, I recieve calls from a number which I’m not familiar with. I rejected it and the fellow kept calling back up to 4 times. During the break I returned the call to find out that it was a courier service which was knocking on my door at home. I asked where was the item from, the dispatch replied “USA”. I was kind of surprise, as I thought the books would only come as the 1st shipment a month later(cha-ching).

If you were reading the posts I made before you will know I was pretty pissed off at amazon.com. After responses from my friends on my journal and plurk. I decided to inform amazon.com of my disatisfaction with their packing service. And also to ask what were my options.

To cut the long story short, this was what I got as a reply

I am sorry to hear about the problem you experienced with your shipment. It is certainly not our intention to ship damaged products to our customers.

We make every attempt to package items securely to protect them during shipping, but sometimes damage does occur.

We always appreciate customer input on how we can improve our store, and I’ve passed your message along to our shipping department and to minimize the chances of anything like this occurring again.

We’ll replace this item at no cost to you. However, you do have these options:

1. We will replace the entire set at no additional charge (we’ll create a new order with charges and issue a refund for the defective item. Charging you for a new order helps it clear customs more quickly. )

2. If you prefer to keep the item we will refund 25% off the purchase price of this item

3. You may return the entire set for a full refund.

So obviously I wanted the books so I chose Option 1. here is a bit of timeline. Of the painfully long process. 

16 October - Opted for Option 1.

19 October - After a few more emails. A new order was placed (US$116.06) & processed to replace my 3 damaged books.

20 October - They told  me where to send the books to. So I went to the post office to send the parcel. It was 2.8kg. shipping was a shocking price of RM 135.30 (US$ 40.03).WHAT THE HECK! I can buy another boook with that ! We are being ripped off by Pos malaysia!

21 October - Refund of US$ 40.03 to my Credit card.

27 October - Books arrived at my house collected by my dad.

29 October - Refund of US$ 116.06 to my Credit Card.


Arriving home last night at 1140 when the taxi dropped me off, I saw the package and immediately opened it up. This time it was in better condition but there was still some dings on the edges. Anyways much better than having water damage. So Im glad that I can enjoy the beautiful photographs in the books.

Overall the experience has been long and tiring. Im glad that amazon.com allowed me to return the items and even paid for shipping on my end even tho it was more expensive than it should (I cant imagine if next time I need to send rims to Ireland, it would cost gazillionz of dollars!)! Thanks amazon.com you have turned a pissed off customer to a happy customer !



Silly me

I was booking my ticket to fly to KL for a training on Air Asia and I found that I have one expired ticket from Kuching to Penang. For 19th October 2009. I actually wanted to buy for 19th November 2009. I guess I have bought wrong and it has gone to waste.

So I had to purchase a new ticket just to go to Penang. To attend my cousin’s wedding. Ugh!