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Portraits of Agnes

In a blink of an eye its now coming to the middle of April. I did this shoot in February. But I'm only posting the journal about it now. It had been quite a busy month, apparently. 


When I first saw her photos online a few months back I was wondering who is this beauty. But I didn't give it much thought, then one day she added me on facebook of course who would ignore or deny a request from such a lovely person. 


So we got to chatting for a bit and I noticed that in most of her shoots it was mostly in white dress. So we decided to give the black dress a shot. 


When we got to the old court house, it was still raining and there were a lot of people lepanking about. So we had to make do with the limited space we had.  As you can see from #3 the wooden floor has a lot of wet foot(shoe) prints!


Its also been a while since I have used any kind of external lighting for portrait shoots. And for this particular one it was almost 90% was using off shoe flashes.


I love #5, was using the nikkor 50mm, and had opened it up all the way to f/1.4. Which really gives a really good separation from the background, then I added some glow to the photo to add to the effect. I think this turned out quite well. And her expression was pretty good. Beautiful.


This was kind of an interesting style for me as well. Changed the 2/3 of the photo to black and white, and added a tint to it. Its interesting.


#7 is yet another experimental shot that I tried, its kind a hard to shoot when using 10mm (15mm Cropped) lens. Another interesting experiment.


#8 was shot using the same lens. Because it was f/4.0~5.6 everything was behind was sharp. I like bokeh, I admit I'm bokeh mad. I usually open up all the way to f/1.4 or f/2.8  depending on the lens. Sure, you may get the subject in more focus compared to opening it up all the way, but I think my lenses are pretty sharp already as it is, any sharper my eyes are going to bleed!


Back to my usual lens. I guess you can say this is more me. I like this shot (#10), lovely.


The standard way of lighting, taught by many photography schools. Why? because it works and it looks good. ;) I guess I could have fixed the outstanding strands of hair but I think its good enough as it is. Lets not disect everything and look for PERFECT shall we?


#12 was my weak attempt at trying out something different from what I normally do, in terms of editing. Have you figure it out?


Anyways I had a blast shooting with Agnes, hopefully there are other opportuinities to shoot with her in the not too distant future!


[Gears: Nikon D300, 10-20mm f/4, 17-55mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.4, 80-200 f/2.8]