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Mulu Canopy Skywalk

After I settled in I at the hostel, I had a quick meal and then headed out for the 1:00pm Canopy Skywalk. My interpertation of the name is your walking on the forest canopy, as if your in the sky. Probably. 

The journey is about 40 odd minutes. Depending on how fast you can walk. Some may take longer time. It was a fairly easy walk without much rise or fall in terrain. Probably a few slopes here and there but nothing a city boylike me could not handle (luckily). 

There are about 6 walks per day. Depart at 07:00, 08:30, 10:30, 13:00, 14:00 and 14:15. With every walk limited to 7 persons in a group. Therefore if you plan to go make sure you make your booking beforehand. Its RM 35.00 per person

#2Easy walk, seriously. Friends who know me will understand why I am reluctant to go on hikes. And it's even more surprising that I even went on such a trip! \o/

#3Nearing the Canopy Skywalk starting area was this HUGE tree. Seriously huge. Thats no camera trickery! ;)

#4There are many plaque's on around the walk ways with information on how the canopy works, very informative.

#5Hmm... lack of color. I guess the camera was fooled. 

#6Tesing out different color tempretures. Oh, and that was our guide for that afternoon. Friendly chap.

#7Switching back to Automatic White Balance mode. Hmm.. Ah well...

#8Looking down on the ground. It may not look like it, but we were pretty high above ground, around 3 stories. More at certain points.

#9The bridges~ they sway quite a fair bit so we only moved across one person at a time. Loved how they constructed it. From my observations, it looks like they were using those 12 foot aluminium ladders and tying everything together. 

#10For a person who likes to have both his feet planted firmly on the ground this was a bit scary. More so when you're looking down from a high vantage point where everything looks so small.

#11But it was quite safe. As long as you do not look down too often ^_^

#12Only then I realize how big the Meranti tree really is o_O

#13From this photos looks like we were walking on ground level doesnt it? >_< that is so far from the truth.

#14I just aimed the camera downwards without looking. The twig is actually a fallen tree trunk. Check out the reflection of the bridge so small... YIKES!


Just to prove that I was there. :P Where did my neck go?

#16Saw this cute insect when we finally made it safely down to the ground. >_< Wanted to switch to another lens but it ran away while I was doing so. 

Since our group consist of me and German couple, we completed the walk pretty quickly. The experience was amazing. Slightly scary but well worth the effort.  And since we were already there we joined a larger group and headed into the caves.... that's for anther post~ \o/


For more information please contact the Park.


Borsarmulu Park Management
P.O. Box 2413,
Miri, 98008 Sarawak, Malaysia
Fax: (+60 85) 792 305
Tel: (+60 85) 792 300 / (+60 85) 792 301
E-mail: enquiries@mulupark.com


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