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Miss Borneo Beautiful at the Club Lobby Lounge

Was invited to go over to see the preview of the Miss Borneo Beautiful talent show last night at the Club Lobby Lounge. The Grand Final Show will be held at Riverside Majestic Hotel on 18th November. So if you want to go give your support to the lovely ladies you know where to go. I'm not sure about ticket details but I'm sure its been sold out, you can try contact the organisers at their official website

The color of the photos gets better as it was quite challenging earlier on. :P








I went to the event without much expectations as, I didnt really know what to expect from a talent show. Some were way better than others tho. Definately entertaining. At the end of the show, apparently it was Miss Shayndee Dunstan's (I hope I got the name right) birthday.

Two candles... 

I think she was a bit touched by the organisers =) 

Rivals Friends wishing her well

Interesting group shot, please ignore the flash sticking out from the bottom of the frame =.=

I wish the girls all the best tomorrow :)

More photos at my facebook page. 




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Win Samsung Galaxy Tab ! ! !

Nope, its not a scam. For this month of September you can get a chance to win yourself one of 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" (Wifi) at The Club. 

Want to find out how, I'll tell you later after I show you the food that they gave us to taste that night. Yummy. 

Seasonal Fruits Skewer on PineappleCheese CakeI cannot recall what name cos I dont really like this :P a bit bitterPrawn CrackersTamago Kryuri SushiUnagi MakiDeep Fried something =.= getting old! Pan Seared Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce. EVERYONES FAV!Ok, enough making myself go hungry looking and thinking of the food. You all want to know how to get the chance to win the Samsung Galaxy Tab right ? Its very easy, just spend more than RM 50.00 in a single reciept at The Club Lobby Lounge any day this month of September during happy hour (5pm to 9pm). Pop the lucky draw chit into the box in the first picture above. And wait for your name to be called to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Easy right. For those whom always go for Happy Hours, why not take this chance, who knows you might be one of the lucky 3~ ? 

Incase you didnt know, The Club Lobby Lounge is at Riverside Majestic Hotel, on the right of the lobby. Its opened from 9am till 1am. If you have any queries call 082-247 777 for more information.

Sharing of decoration >_< 


Whats for Sunkei Tonight?

The breaking of fast is a time when one enjoys a meal after a day of abstaining from food and drinks. In the month of Ramadan, breaking of fast or as known locally; bersunkei sees families congregating to enjoy the meal together at a place with a view. Where else in the city to enjoy Sunkei Ria at Blue Lagoon at Riverside Majestic Hotel

Compare to the Macam Macam ada mega buffet this is a place which is more relaxed and comfortable. Even tho it does not boast so many delicious items for you to eat, the food here does not disappoint. Still its about 100 varieties of food available for you to choose from.

There is Japenese food, traditional Malay food, Indian food, Steam boat food , roasted food , BBQ'ed food.. and many moar~ There is also a large selection of kuih muih available. I would say let the photo do the talking, but fact is, I arrived kinda late, had a prior engagement so when I reached people were starting to dig in. I didn't have much time to take more photos with my rumbling tummy! So here is what I got! 

I dont know why, I found these so interesting that I shot few shots....

Probably the assortment of colors. 

As you can see, the place is less packed as Grand Margherita Hotel. Its definalty more relax you can have a nice session with your family and friends. While enjoying the fine foods available. Its happening from 1st to 29th of August 2011, at the price of RM 79++ per person.

Riverside Majestic Hotel
Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuching 
Tel: +6082 247777 (General) / +6082 418911 (Reservations) 
Fax: +6082 425858 (Genereal) / +6082 236041 (Reservations) 
Email: contact@rmh.my (General) / reservations@rmh.my (Reservations)

Good stuff~ 


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55]