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Madness at Rajang Lobby Lounge

My friend Peter from Miri drop by town last week and we had our dinner Mei San at Grand Margherita Hotel. After that I headed down to Rajang Lobby Lounge but he took his family to some other place. I met up with Jimmy, then came Rose and Yien Yien.

At first there was one

Then came many friendsThey can really drinkSee how happy she is?Drinking also can cam`hore^^draught beer

Met another Nikon there

They were happy cos they won over the guys at drinking!Seriously Yien Yien and Rose are good drinkers. They guys were no match for them ! After a few rounds of straight up bottoms up beer drinking they decided to up the ante, drink using straws! 

Alice having a go as well

Jimmy having a go at it

Steve having a go at it

Lu mau challen aku?没眼看

Guys never challenge the ladies! ! ! hello~ maca~~~ apamacam! Kelson checking beer level make sure is fair ha!

WInner ! erm... *hic*Time to pay upif you squint carefully beer was 504RM! ! !

Lets view the clips from the night ! (freshly uploaded to youtube)

[video removed sound error, will check and recompile and re-upload tomorrow.]

Ops, till next time!

[gears: Nikon D300, 17-55mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.4, Sony DSC-T90]



Black is Black & Oktoberfest

After a heavy meal at Meisan Restaurant at Grand Margherita Hotel we proceeded down to Rajang Lobby Lounge. If you have followed my facebook posting past few days I posted this

Phones were to illustrate the size of the mugs

In conjunction with the oktoberfest, Rajang Lobby Lounge was having a promotion, RM 36++ for a special serving of Oktoberfest Tiger Draught 3pint special edition mug! If you feel like bringing back the mug then its RM56++ and you can bring back the mug! Now that is a steal ! 

Alvin very happy to receive his beer (pazuzushot.com)

Side light from Cyril (cyrildason.com)Beer maid Jimmy (jimmychin.net)Rose ermm doing what she does best (rosewong.com)Cheers!

Black is Black

For October, the lounge is running the Black is Black promotion where you its RM 260++ and you can get one of the 3 exclusive premium gifts. We just took some pictures of it, didn't get the try it out. Big beer mugs were way more interesting xD

I think this was the best shot of the lotBack to more drinking of beer ! 

Jason also drop by our table and kacau ah lost a bit kekeke

Someone tried to drink water, and it got taken away!no comment!After a while everyone was trying to measure the mug xDLooks like we got rivalry going on ! *gulp* *gulp* *gulp*

hahaha ! Good times! 


Cheers all! 


[gears: Nikon D300, 17-55mm, 50mm, Sony DSC-T90]