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I was in Penang Part 2

So after our brief stop at the old train station at Butterworth, we headed back to the island for some Penang Laksa.​

Now after a nice spicy bowl of laksa we headed off to another location in town. To meet up with more people for a group photo session. Walking about and shooting and stuff. It was fun for me. As I really love street photography. Even more so when with a bunch of awesome people.​

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and I'm back

Its been a while since I updated my website, well its because I was on a long and strange trip recently. 

Starting with Penang for a few days.

Photo taken by a friend... out of focus ... *sigh*

Then down to Kuala Lumpur, finally went down to Sepang International Circuit. Yes there were cars incoming!!!

Then off to Tokyo, Japan for a few days. Very nice city, must go back to visit some day!

Me being a tourist. 

Actually Ive been back for over a week. But was kinda busy with stuff, finally got time to start sorting out the photos. I'll try my best to process my photos and publish them. Hopefully wont take years to do that :)

Till then, Cheers




Wedding days x3

What a week, I attended one wedding and covered two weddings (Penang). The first one was because I had nothing to do therefore I joined Ken Yeoh for the shooting. Have to follow the professional and see how its done! It was a very long and tiring Sunday. The first couple was Choon Siang & Yoke Ling. I will only be posting maybe a handful of pictures as this was a paid job for Ken, wont want to upset the clients now ya?

2010.09.12 - Choon Siang & Yoke Ling

The second couple was Derek & Shaled. I shot Shaled's portraiture a while back. =) check it out in the galleries. Ill be posting some photos to my facebook acccount

2010.09.13 - Derek & Shaled

The third couple was Aaron & Annie. Annie is my friend from college. Wow its been quite a number of years! 

2010.09.16 - Aaron & Annie

I am not sure if I will be posting all photos. I just took random pictures at Aaron & Annie's wedding dinner reception. There were too many photographers ! hehe! Also the main reason was I was not feeling well that evening. 

Time to rest, more to shoot later. Beyond's press conference & meet the fans session.



Back from Penang

Just a quick update.

Landed last night from Penang at around 8pm. What a tiring trip. Had heaps of nice food. Met up with my buddy Ken Yeoh. Got to play StarCraft2. Sat on the Sachs Maddass 125. Shot two weddings in two days back to back. Learned many things, especially realizing that I'm off my game. Missed many nice moments, and kept on looking for the right setting. Practice makes perfect. I need to practice more, tomorrow there I'm attending another wedding. I will bring my camera and try to capture some nice moments.

Three weddings in four days. Its very exhaustive. Ugh, not feeling too good. I need to sleep now.



Air Itam Famous Duck Rice

Ken and Yenly picked me up just now around midnight and we headed off to tapao (take away) some supper.

Ken brought me to a Famous Air Itam Duck Rice stall. Arrived there and saw that there was a queue a the stall. We were probably the 5th in line. Even then it took us about 15 mins before it was our turn to place the order.

Pictures were taken with my Sony Cybershot DSC-T90.

Ken waiting in line.

3 persons working at the stall but some how its was still slow. xD

I have never seen a stall where there is a Please Queue sign before. Penang was definately interesting place. Anyways we went back to Ken’s place and I just had the duck rice.

Its delicious and not really too salty. Jessica says another place better. ah… to me its good enough.

But RM 3.50 for such a small packet… MmMmmm can la… acceptable for supper in them middle of the night xD

Time to rest up for another day in Penang!