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Emblems and other bits

Last weekend there was a car show at Hills Shopping mall in Kuching. It was a two day event, but I only managed to catch it on the second day, Sunday. There were a lot of local (not really local, but JDM) cars.‚Äč What I was more interested this time was the exotic ones. But because there were so crowded, It was really hard to shoot them properly, and it didn't help that it was raining. 

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Portraits of Vanes

I actually shot Vanes in KL few months back when I went to catch GRA. Yes, its been way over due, but its year end and I'm just trying to balance the books (published photos =)) I still got heaps of old photos have not published!


You would probably notice that the photos are smaller in size compared to my recent posts, that is because I have completed this album for a while now before I decided to upsize the images. 


This was the lucky car that was getting a wash from the lovely Vanes. Its smiling. 


We managed to secure an actual carwash for the shoot. Thanks to Mickey's friend for the place. He lost a whole day of business just for us!


It was the first time I tried to use constant lighting. Kinda challenging, and the color tempreture was pretty warm. Which looked fine on the camera LCD. Maybe I was just not used to it. 


I know what your thinking, bubbles! Mickey brought along his toys. A bubble making machine! How cool is that, no more blowing or waving things about to make bubbles. 


Cool car with beautiful lady add on special effects.. haha ! 


We had constant lights everywhere. Something different from our usual shooting.


Mickey not only brought along the bubble machine, he also bring the smoke machine! No need to edit it in! 




Time to wash the car! hehe!

After washing the car another monster car came in, the Nissan GTR34. Because of wind we closed all the shutters of the shop to play with the smoke. End up it was everywhere, making the photos look as if it had high noise, when actually it does not =.=


Well it was very fun experience. With so many TOYS and such a professional model to work with. Hopefully I have more chance to work with Mickey and friends soon. 

The full set of photos can be found in the gallery

[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55, 50, 80-200]