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Sachs Madass 125 / Mofaz Momos 125

Today I returned the Madass to Dennis. It has been a fun weekend of driving the zippy Madass around the city over the weekend. Why two names? Officially Sachs Madass 125 has been rebadged by Mofaz and its called Momos 125.

The oil is from my Proton Wira, fixed already. Raining when I shot the photo! So had to shoot in the drivewayThe bike is relatively easy to drive. Clutch was relatively easy to handle. Had to get used to going from standstill. 

Love the rear suspensionSachs ? Honda?Single rear shockThe rear shock gives it a really modern racer look.

Fuel Cell / BodyMost bikes have their fuel cells under the seat, on the Madass 125 its part of the framework. Genius! But when filling, make sure fill it slowly as it tends to spill.

MeterVery basic display with cool blue back light. It reads the trip, total mileage and speed. Thats it! There is no indicator on what gear your on. The fastest I dare to go was around 86kmph. Dennis says it will hit 100kmph+ easy. I'm happy with cruising at 75kmph.

Another cool feature about the bike is its front and rear ventilated disc brakes. 

Rear ventilated disc brakesFront DiscFuel CapHeadlampsAnother visually pleasing feature of the bike, it's projector headlamps! It looks good and is very effective!  The upper one is for normal lights, the lower one is for high beam. The lower one also doubles as small light. When I drove around at night with the lights on it was very focus and effective with good visability. And the light did not spill all over. 

I had a good time riding the Madass. At around RM 6,500.00 OTR. Its not really expensive if you compare with other 125cc's in the market. But I'm not sure I would buy one, as I like to be in the comforts of my car with my DIY audio & air conditioning. And no need to deal with smelly exhausts from trucks and busses. I do enjoy riding around and exploring my neighbourhood. Which makes me think, I'll probably be buying a bicycle instead. Maybe.


[Gears: Nikon D300, 50mm f/1.4]


Sachs Madass

Its been nearly a decade maybe more since I rode on a motorized two wheeler. Even back in the day I didn't have to deal with driving with a clutch system.

Madass 125First of all, I do not own this bike. It's a loaner from Dennis, the ex-owner of the Yamaha R1 which was used by Jacqueline in one of my previous portrait shoot. 

Secondly, this machine is a beauty. It's really outstanding in terms of looks & styling. 

Thirdly, it is very easy to ride. Very forgiving machine.

I just did about 50 km around the city. My arms is abit sore because it has been a while since I rode a bike. Trying to get the hang of it. Going to neutral took me a whole night to finally figure out the sweet spot. 

Normally when your driving you do not really feel the road as your enclosed in the cabin of the car from the outside world. You switch on the radio and air conditioning. The only cues of the environment is sight n sound. I do not usually waste time cruising around town, but on the madass with the wind in your face, I would like to explore more of the city.

Two more days!


[Gears: Nikon D300, 50mm]