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handy in Singapore

If you were following my instagram or twitter or facebook you would have known that I was in Singapore last weekend to attend the Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore. Prior to going over my friend was telling the to check out handy.

handy  is a ​is basically mobile phone rental for SGD$15.00 per day. Obviously we don't really want the phone, we want the access to the unlimited 3G data and free local / international calls (5 mins) facility.  The service is also available in Hong Kong.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-i9300)

I got my Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-i9300) at Mid Valley (sign up Celcom plan) on the second day of the launch. Initially didn't think I was able to make it. But at the end was able to go. If I had know I would have pre-registered for cheaper price. Oh well. Lets not dwell on the details shall we ?

Note: This is not a phone review, as I'm sure there are like bazillion reviews out there already!
Note2: Thanks Foo Siang Ming for borrowing me the Tamron SP90 lense 

Surprisingly compare to the box of my Samsung  Galaxy S (GT-i9000) Yet the actual phone is much larger. But not by much. 

Its good to see that they are reducing materials used. Interesting to note that the words are at same position, despite differences in size of the box. 

As you can see, this unscientific comparison shows that big box = small phone, small box = larger phone. *win

After using it since beginning of the month till now, its way better experience compared to my SGS. Those that knows me will know the stories. If you want to know ask me when you see me xD

The phone even follow me to JAPAN! haha! Good to have a mobile device with a WORKING GPS (hint on SGS problems). 

Top of the phone. Microphone & headphone jack.

Bottom view, the USB socket is now below. Yes those are scratch marks from not wanting to turn on the lights to plug in the charger. Also I've drop the phone already, marks at the corner. =.=

Side view. power button still there! hahaha!

On the other side, we got the volume rocker. See the scratch at the bottom of the phone? Result of dropping the phone T^T

Close up of the bezel. looks nice but easy to scratch. With my track record will be ugly in a years time T^T

Back plate of the Marble White cover. Finally! LED LIGHT! 

Another huge plus was notification light. On another surprising note, at night when its lit, the whole face bezel would light up. Not sure if that is intended or not. Still COOLNESS!

This is my SGS, 2 years later. T^T

Top bit. charging area was also losing chrome!  I see the future of my SGS3... maybe I should invest in the wireless charging pad thingy.

The camera was not spared. Yes thats my fingerprint. I deleted the photo where there was non. So had to use this photo, hais blunder. 

An interesting observation. The  dots are dissapearing ! 

How strange.

Samsung has decided to give white ear plugs. hmm... I rather have the old one, black! But then it would not go well with the brand spanking new Marble White phone xD

One difference to the head phones was that there is now a volume rocker. The one one didnt. So I'm gonna use the white earplugs more \o/

After a day of using the phone without case I decided to look for one. Coincidentally I was at Lowyat plaza and DIGI was having the SGS3 roadshow there. I asked if there were any promotion for case, they said YES and I got me one. It was not cheap. Anything more than RM 100 to me is expensive!  So this was one of the MOST expensive case I have gotten. Cant recall the exact price but I think its around 140? or 160? 

Seems to be a legit case. Felt pretty good. Works like the flip cover for the Samsung Galaxy Note. Only PROBLEM is that it also covers the notification light... HELLO SAMSUNG, what are you doing ?!

HAHAHA YES I GOT A PEBLE BLUE CASE ! Which totally bring a new twist when people flips open the cover to find that its WHITE inside xD

If you didnt notice from the previous picture. Let me give you a closer look. Yup its a mark on the back case. Yours truely left the phone on under the bonnect and slammed the bonnet down, realizing I was missing a phone five minutes later. T^T Glad the screen didnt crack and minor dent only to the case. 

Now this one I think is product defect or at the very least durability issue! It has been less than a month! Look at the edge of the cover. Yes I wear jeans, and yes I put the phone in my pants. I dont carry a man bag! 

Maybe I need to get a case for the case. Ugh. 

Now my SGS is without screen protector, and without the flip cover.

So lets summerize!


  • I LOVE the size of the SGS3. Does not feel as BIG when upgrading from SGS. Compare to a SG Note, this feels VERY comfortable.
  • I LOVE the long battery life. Finally!
  • I LOVE the LED indicator & rear LED ! YEAH!
  • I LOVE the speed and stability of ICS + TouchWiz. I know many people hate the Samsung launcher, I for one quite like it.
  • I LOVE the volume rocker on the headphones. Even better if this was TRUE.  
  • I LOVE that the box is smaller!


On differences, the new charger is also charging at 1.0A while the old one is only 0.7A. Faster charge for the larger battery capacity I suppose. 

So far its been updated once. Seems pretty stable so far. 

There are many postings about the rumoured Apple Iphone5 which will put this phone to shame. I say, so what. Its a good product, what is there to be shameful about? Head line grabbing titles, sounds like preteen kids comparing whos got the bigger ****. :P




[Camera Gear: Nikon D300, 17-55, SP90]



Win Samsung Galaxy Tab ! ! !

Nope, its not a scam. For this month of September you can get a chance to win yourself one of 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" (Wifi) at The Club. 

Want to find out how, I'll tell you later after I show you the food that they gave us to taste that night. Yummy. 

Seasonal Fruits Skewer on PineappleCheese CakeI cannot recall what name cos I dont really like this :P a bit bitterPrawn CrackersTamago Kryuri SushiUnagi MakiDeep Fried something =.= getting old! Pan Seared Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce. EVERYONES FAV!Ok, enough making myself go hungry looking and thinking of the food. You all want to know how to get the chance to win the Samsung Galaxy Tab right ? Its very easy, just spend more than RM 50.00 in a single reciept at The Club Lobby Lounge any day this month of September during happy hour (5pm to 9pm). Pop the lucky draw chit into the box in the first picture above. And wait for your name to be called to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Easy right. For those whom always go for Happy Hours, why not take this chance, who knows you might be one of the lucky 3~ ? 

Incase you didnt know, The Club Lobby Lounge is at Riverside Majestic Hotel, on the right of the lobby. Its opened from 9am till 1am. If you have any queries call 082-247 777 for more information.

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