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My Ride

‚ÄčLast month my friend asked me if I wanted to test out his new rig. Of course I would not give it a pass. There are many areas to improve upon. But I think its quite effective. 

For those who know about automotive photography, you will know how these shots were created. But for those who dont know much about photography, you may not figure it out. ‚Äč

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Looking down

I was trying to duplicate a shot that I saw in an online gallery. Obviously its far from what I want but it is a start.


It was kinda hard trying to shoot this myself. I knew that my gears were not enough.  I need more light modifiers. And probably and assitant or two. I was running up and down taking test shots and moving the lights about. Its definately a start. 

I do have some other ideas on how to achieve the shot that I want. Well I think I do. Hopefully soon I will be able to make it happen :) To achieve the above shot I used 3 flash units. I think I need a few more! Can u spot the locations of the 3rd flash unit???

Oh and I was shooting from the roof of my house.

[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55]