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86 before launch

I was fortunate to have friends whose working in the industry and I got the opportunity to go to Sepang Circuit and also witness (document) the behind the scenes of the launch. These photos are taken before the cars were fully detailed

I guess its another plus to have the cars to shoot without so many other media present, which I will show in the next posting on the following days event.​


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Finally Sepang

I have been to Sepang International Circuit (SIC) for a few times, but never actually went inside. ​And when every time there was an event and I was in town I was not able to make it.

I cut short my Penang trip (initially planning to stay about 3 days longer) and went to Kuala Lumpur earlier, as my friend was working on the then new Toyota GT86 and Camry launch. The launch was 2 days (+1 day preparation), I was there documenting behind the scenes of the preparation and get a first look at the new cars.

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