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its been a long long week

I’m updating the journal from Miri. I’m now in my Inn room. Tired and exhausted. Since my last posting. I was in Bintulu, yesterday morning. Arriving at 8am. Wallace came to pick me 10 mins later. The last time I was in Bintulu airport, I was able to plug in my laptop charger to the wall socket and sit and do some work. This time around they seem to have removed all the chairs/benches. ~_~ I guess the management do not want people to hang around at the airport. Oh and my trip to I was using Mas Wings, on the Aeropatiale/Alenia. I was quite surprise with it. Slightly tight around the shoulders but enough leg room. I’m not a tall person but if I was on a AirAsia flight, my knees will be almost touching the front seats. The best part was during the safety briefing. Up from the overhead, popped out 2.5” LCD screens, screening the safety briefing. heh~ okay back to the story of hunting for power.

So Wallace and I went to have our breakfast, and then went on to look for a place where I can charge my stuff and do a bit of paperwork. So we thought of KFC. Aparantly there was only one in Bintulu, a 24 hours outlet! We do not even have that in Kuching.

Upon arriving, I bought 2 cups of hot milo. Then proceeded to ask the staff behind the counter if I could use their power socket to charge my devices. The staff turned around and asked her superiour. Then turned back to me and inform me I could NOT use the power socket. I have been to many parts of Malaysia and consistently was able to use the power in KFC outlets. This was my first time I was declined. So out of curiousity, I asked why not? She said, “itu company punya current, bagi business sahaja” losely translated to “the power only for company use”. Dissapointed, that I could not charge my PSP, I sat down and had a sip of the Milo. The worse cup I have ever drank. Its bland, like plain water! Mineral / Drinking water taste better!

By 11 am, we took off back to the airport to pick up Choo. Once that was done we went to have our lunch, and then work work work work.

Anyways I wont talk about work specifics, because that will be P&C. So after finishing our stuff, we all left Bintulu for Miri around 4.30 pm. 2 hours later we arrived safely in Miri. Checked into my usual Inn. Had a quick rest, and went out for dinner. By the time I returned it was nearly 11 pm. Planned to sleep, but was busy playing the PSP till 3am. HAHAHA!

The next day, today was the same as usual. Work work work. Nothing interesting at all. Until I went to photocopy some paperwork.

Jangan merokok di sini, sebab asap rokok yang masuk ke dalam kedai menyebabkan orang tidak tahan. Harap customer dapat berkerjasama” hehe~ losely translated to “Please do not smoke here, because the smoke that comes into the shop causes discomfort. Hope customer co-opertates”. I found it funny because at first glance I thought that it was saying about ash or something that would disrupt the quality of the photocopy. Don’t ask me why, but that was the first thing that went thru my mind when I saw the sign. Thinking back, why don’t they just put a no smoking sign ?

So after that we went to EMART. Which spots a zinc roof, which was especailly hot on a hot day like today. Walking in I started to sweat a bit. Then the further we got into the building, I felt a breeze, then it got stronger and stronger. Nearing the center, it felt cool. I was wondering where did the breeze come from. Then I looked up. WOW! the biggest 10-bladed fan I have ever seen in my life.

This bugger is no joke la!

Walking about in the new wing of the Bintang MegaMall, I found that Mirips, was doing an exhibition. I saw some familiar names. Familiar faces on the wall. hehe~


This was Anthony’s work. also known as mr kingston. :P

Well, it has been a long day. I’m watered and fed, now resting my my room. Lazy to go out. Once I disconnect I think I’ll either continue on the PSP or watch some movies before calling it a night.





back home again

So again, Im back from my short trip. This time it was to Bintulu and then Miri. I have not headed out that direction for quite a number of months already.

In any case I reached Bintulu early morning, headed out to work for a while and we had a really nice meal at Spring Garden Cafe. They have really nice Fried Chicken Feet! honestly I seldom eat this specialty dish. But only when I'm in Bintulu I will eat it. Because it is that good. Everyone should have a go at it once in their life time.

+Spring Garden Cafe+


The next day after popping by another outlet we headed off to Miri just after lunch hour. Zipped to Miri in about 2 hours time, did 4 interviews in one afternoon. I talked and asked questions as if I had not had a drop of water for many months.

Finally concluded the interviews, quickly rushed up the hotel and took a quick shower. Then went for dinner at Sea Horse with Irene, Peter and some other friends.


Today was a grey day. From morning till evening. Well there was a bit of sun in the afternoon but I didnt bring out my camera. And when I had my camera with me it was grey and raining again! sigh!

So that was yet another quick trip to and back from Miri & Bintulu.


trip 05 in 2008 PartA

27-03-2008 - Thursday

So as we know from the previous blog, I missed my flight to Miri, and I ended up in Bintulu and then made my way to Miri. During this trip I borrowed a Sigma 10-20mm f4.0 from Alex Teo. Just to try out some scenery shooting. Ended up I didn't take much of any scenery more of people with altered heads :-D


*in flight shot*

*whops! was not me! it was like that when I got there!*

In any case the flight to Bintulu was uneventful.

*See... Uneventful!*

Arrived on time and waited for my colleague to come fetch me. So I went online and checked mail. Check out this photo of me trying to look busy in a very empty airport.

*empty airport*
*act busy*

Liong drop by to pick me up and we went for a quick breakfast and we went to visit few users. Then we went to lunch and visited a few more dealers.


*This is Bintulu*

After that we had a quick lunch pumped fuel and headed to the Bintulu Promenade.


~Bintulu Promenade~

After that we left for Miri around 300pm.

*On the way to Miri*

*My driver*

Reached Miri around 445pm checked in to my hotel looked out the window and saw this.

What a beautiful afternoon. Anyways, I stayed in the room working on my laptop till dinner time, went out makan and came back and work abit more and slept.

To be continued...

trip 1 in 2008

Yup! back from another business trip to Miri and Bintulu.

I flew into Miri on the 12th Jan 2008 then me and my colleague drove his car down to Bintulu on the 16th of Jan and I flew back from Bintulu to Kuching on the 17th, while he drove himself back to Miri where he is stationed.

I was fortunate enough to have a good guide to bring me around in Miri. She showed me the sights, and brought be to the best places to dine. Well no one ever brought me around Miri for good food. So this trip, I felt much like a tourist, which is a good thing. Then can do as a tourist do X-D.

-day 1-

Right off the bat after checking into my cheap hotel she took me to eat noodles. Super oily but nice.

This actually feels like kampua?


Then she took me to Hawaii Beach. Its quite secluded in a sense as the road leading to it is quite hidden we had to drive up and down to find it. A small road hidden by the kampung. The beach was quite nice, but there was litter, typical Malaysian beach :-( we took some fotos and we left. For lunch we went to Nikko. A Japanese restaurant. Personally I seldom and rarely have the chance to eat Japanese food. I think last round was Yoshinoya in KL. Great beef bowls !

*nyam nyam* lonely sushi~

And then I went back to the hotel to rest a bit. Took a 2 hour nap. And it was dinner time! haha~ went to a seafood restaurant. Banyak fresh the food.

This is super delicious! Yummy!

After dinner, we went to a concert organized by the Miri Orchestra and Choir Society (MOCS). I have never been to such an event before. I must say it was quite enjoyable, but the annoying buzzing fan somewhere in the hall was annoying. MOCS are definately onto something, but the venue could have been better. Sound does not really expand in there. And the spectators are quite loud when they speak. kinda of annoying when your trying to appreciate something. Besides that to me, it was a good event.


After the concert finished we went for a drink and then headed back home. What a long day.

-day 2-
Woke up about 10am. Online for awhile, view photos from previous day outing. By noon I went to Imperial Mall which was opposite where I stayed. And met a fellow photography enthusiast from photomalaysia.com forum. Was suppose to meet two of them, but last minute the fellow had something to do.

*Imperial Mall*

We had coffee, talked about photography in Miri. Nice fellow. Hope to have a photo session with him soon.

So around 3 pm I went back to my hotel. rested a bit and by 4pm. Irene came by and picked me up and we went to the library. She said there are good views there. So off we went. Their library is really nice. Like modern art or something.


After that we went for dinner at Bintang area. I had a huge serving of mixed grill.

*nyam nyam*

So after that we parted ways as it was late, and the next day I had to work.

-day 3-

work work work.

After dinner with my colleague, Peter came by and we went for drinks at Ming Cafe. stay and chatted for a while and headed back. zz.z.... tired....zz....z...

-day 4-

After knocking off from work. Irene took me to Canada Hill to try and catch sunset. Well sad to say, there were many trees blocking the view so I could not catch the sunset at all haha. I got heaps of clouds tho. Have yet to process them.

*Piccolo Fratini*

Then we went to Piccolo Fratini... an Italian restaurant. Why ? Cos I had the urge for spaghetti.. thats why. Coincidentally, they had anniversary promo, sort of buy one free one kind of deal. All the better for us.

*Not too bad*

So after dinner, we went around looking at rich people houses. And went to Wings cafe. or bar or something. Peter joined us for drinks. Then Ghostie and his friend came by. Chatted till about 11pm and left.

-day 5-

Checked out. had to cancel my credit card, as I noticed the hotel staff copied by 3 digits on the back of the card. better safe than sorry. Still waiting for replacement card to arrive. sucks.

in anycase me and my colleague went to Bintulu after having breakfast.

This was how long it took us, and how much distance we covered. :) GPS is fun! So after checking in, we work work work.

and dinner~ we had

*friend chicken feet*

I have never liked it before. But I must say, this one is good. Every table in the shop ordered at least one serving! haha!

In anycase, the next day I checked out and flew back to Kuching. Upon arrival at the Bintulu airport, I realise something. It looks exactly like the airport in Miri! o.O" its like a photocopy!

I arrived 2 hours before flight. And guess what, there was no WiFi in the boarding area! This is the 1st time I have been to an airport without free WiFi access! Sheesh! So I had 2 hours to kill, I loaded up some series I have downlaoding before my trip and watched them.


whew that was a bloody long post!

time for bed!


Whoops. curious about who is Irene?

*This is her with my Nikon*