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G+D PreWed Photos

This shot happned AGES ago, almost coming to one year already. How time flies. Anyways I have been meaning to process these photos for awhile now. But never really got around to do it. But since my iMac died the other day. I was archiving my stuff and I came across this set of photos. So I processed them and decided to share them out my way. These photos were also edited and printed already by George, but I guess I want to do another set my way. This was my second time doing a pre-wedding shoot since 2007. This was shot end of October last year.

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Wedding days x3

What a week, I attended one wedding and covered two weddings (Penang). The first one was because I had nothing to do therefore I joined Ken Yeoh for the shooting. Have to follow the professional and see how its done! It was a very long and tiring Sunday. The first couple was Choon Siang & Yoke Ling. I will only be posting maybe a handful of pictures as this was a paid job for Ken, wont want to upset the clients now ya?

2010.09.12 - Choon Siang & Yoke Ling

The second couple was Derek & Shaled. I shot Shaled's portraiture a while back. =) check it out in the galleries. Ill be posting some photos to my facebook acccount

2010.09.13 - Derek & Shaled

The third couple was Aaron & Annie. Annie is my friend from college. Wow its been quite a number of years! 

2010.09.16 - Aaron & Annie

I am not sure if I will be posting all photos. I just took random pictures at Aaron & Annie's wedding dinner reception. There were too many photographers ! hehe! Also the main reason was I was not feeling well that evening. 

Time to rest, more to shoot later. Beyond's press conference & meet the fans session.



driftbaby & wui

I have known ming (driftbaby) since 2004 or so via one of my website / forums. He has always been the creative and a very giving person. Good sense of humor and personality. He has been trying to pass me the invitation card for his wedding for a month. As I was travelling all about in Nov, everytime he text me I was out of town. Finally caught me a week ago.

So the wedding dinner was on 3rd Dec 2009. Held at the Association of Churches in Sarawak. The other time I was there was for the Sin Chew carnival. It was a large venue, even then the parking was just ample. I had to park all the way at the back. Anyways this round I didn’t bring my heavy gear, only my Sony Cybershot DSC-T90.

It was a huge 8 course meal… and at my table 2 were vegetarian, 1 empty seat and a girl (so eat less la!). Its been a while since I have attended a wedding dinner where I left with a full tummy.

I purposely chose to bring only the compact camera cos I wanted to shoot some videos. So here is the result of the night. All the clips combined it comes out to be just under 8mins. Enjoy

It was very interesting with all the dancers and stuff. Its probably a trend now, as everyone wants to make a more memorable wedding dinner xD I must say this is quite memorable.

This is us… the 4 guys left… Melvin had to run so the rest of us had to eat his share as well. Matthew, Allan, Jordan, Driftbaby, Wui, and ME.

And have you ever seen such a cute and adorable wedding car?

This car is his pride and joy. He has been working on it for a good 4 years. And it is still not complete. Restoring it slowly but surely.

Well it has been a blast knowing ya.. congrats driftbaby! So when is driftbaby jr coming along ?



Dexterism & Jane

I was in Penang to attend my cousin Dexter’s wedding last week, 21st November 2009. I arrived few days before and bunked at my friend’s house. Dexter was from Kuching, few years back his family all moved over to Penang, so I barely see him now. When I was younger I used to cycle to his house. And even longer ago we use to play at the old shop house. Now he is one of the 1st cousins of mine to get married. xD

Here is their new family portrait xD it was a tight place with photographers and video-graphers and friends and family. So I just snapped a few.


Kena flashed… LOL! Terry~

Looking out the veranda of the apartment I saw people taking photos at the pool LoL. So I took photos of them.

Looking up I saw a looooooong convey of bikes coming down the road.

Zoomed in, not cropped!

So after the tea ceremony and family introduction we all left for shopping n stuff… I went to makan some delicious prawn noodles, which I will post in a separate journal later.

Few hours later we all went to have dinner at Tanjung Bungah Hotel

Slightly out of focus.. super grain.. shot at 1600 ISO >.<” Anyways, looks like he is waiting to bash someone in..

Zoomed to 200mm… then I realize its slightly front focused. ugh!

okay, no more ISO1600 for me…

Wedding couple, cropped as the violinist was blocking the view. by the time I moved to a more suitable angle I lost many chances to shoot the wedding couple. The violinist should have walked maybe 10 feet ahead of the couple…

I had to avoid the standing guests and tried my best to compose the couple within the shot.. cant.. =( epic phail!

Better than nothing I guess.

Dexterism picking his nose and posing for me hehehe! Sorry mate, too good expression to not post xD

Dexterism, helping out xD

Second entrace xD even the groom gets to change his shirt n tie ~

After a few more dishes came the cake cutting ceremony xD

Lovely couple

Funky spotlights on the glass ~_~ ’ too close

too CLose!!!

Getting ready for the toast!

Yum Seng!

My parents, happy happy~

Happy Parents (groom)

My parents at the main table

Happy parents (bride)

Happy brothers

My cuz drinking wine..


Video of Jane’s dance teacher doing a belly dance for the wedding couple. Video shot with my Sony Cybershot DSC-T90

Ian & Jian Nin's Wedding

As I have stated in the previous posting. Me and Alex went over to Peninsular Malaysia to attend Ian and Jian Nin’s wedding. We were invited as we were two of the four photographers shooting their pre-wedding photos at Cameron Highlands. I have not been posting much since Cameron Highlands as i have been swamped with work and travelling around non stop. Only have some time for to settle down for a while the past few days. Anyways I will post the Cameron Highlands photos once I have processed them.

Coming back to the wedding.

Me and Alex left for LCCT on Friday night. When we landed we were greeted by Jack and Mickey in Mickey’s Gorgeous Toyota Crown. Think V.I.P. Styling. The J.D.M. kind. After we made our way safely past the JPJ road block just 2 mins away from LCCT. Then we chit chatted on the way down to an eatery in SS2. Cant recall the name of the place to meet Mickey’s friends. It was about 11.30pm and I had not assigned route for my team. So I took out my lap top to realise I didn’t bring my phone cable, so could not connect to the internet. And would you know it, Mickey has the same cable and just lives two rows from the eatery. What were the odds of that. So I got the cable and was able to finish my work and continue to chit chat till about 1.30am. Then we headed to Ivan’s place, where I was spending the night. Alex went to find Thomas Tam (another pro photographer).


Saturday was relaxing for me, as I didn’t have much agenda. Suppose to go to the Subaru Capture the heart of the experience photography competition where Jack entered the photography competition and won 1st prize! Congrates MR JACK TAN (view the winning photo here). But I woke up quite late and tagged along with Ivan to have breakfast/lunch in his newly upgraded scooby. Powwwaaahh… Then the rest of the guys showed up. After lunch we all went back to Ivan’s place where the guys had a meeting on who to say what during the wedding dinner night. So me and Jack headed to the Digital Mall. I got myself a Sandisk Extreme III 8GB CF memory card for RM 209.00. Jack got a bunch of USB memory sticks.

After the Digital Mall, Jack dropped me off at the curve. Walked about a bit while waiting for Mickey to come pick me up, I headed over to Cineleisure. Where I got two free tickets to MTV World Stage happening on the 15 August 2009 at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. Well not really free, but I have to pay by signing up for the Hong Leong Bank credit card. Oh well.


MTV World Stage - Live in Malaysia

Sadly I won’t be using the tickets as on 16th is a GRA ROUND 3. So I need to rest on the 15th :~( The things we sacrifice for the things we love.

So the main objective was to get the Digital Camera Cleaning kit from the IT store in Cineleisure. RM 33.00

After having dinner we headed back to Ivan’s place, Alex also arrived at Ivan’s place too. Nothing much on that night, played PS3 till 1.30am.

HAHAHAA!! So your still with me, that’s a good sign, your still waiting for the wedding stuff and write up yeah? well here it starts :P


Woke up at 5.00am give or take 30 mins. Went down posted a journal post. Then headed over Ian’s house which was a strong stone throw away.

Had some porridge and buns and by 7.00 am we headed out of the house.

One of Ian’s many Toyota Celica’s.

For this trip I purposely borrow Alex’s fish eye lens as I think there will be many others using normal lens. And I was trying to learn to use the fish eye without making people puke. Failed. I guess only a few crazy people like me who really like the fish eye lens. Oh Well. regardless.

I took a ride in Mickey’s Lightning McQueen.

I was the shooting everything in fisheye. HAHAHA!

The Heng Tai’s getting ready to roll. Heng Tai is cantonese for brothers. Basically the entourage(Admiral said it best) to follow the groom to fetch the bride.

Heh! check out my shirt. I was suppose to be the photographer but Ian gave me the Heng Tai shirt too. Designed by Jian Nin. Mickey also got it, but didnt wear.

Ian the Celica fanatic. Guess how many silly cars he has?

 G and G. Do you spot the G’s? 

Chasing the groom.

After a short sprint on the LDP we reached Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

The entourage arrived honking the horn. I think the hotel staff didn’t like that. Hahaha.

Lining up to storm the room. haha~ not.

Here the Heng Tai’s meet the Ji Mui’s. Ji Mui is also Cantonese for sisters. Representing the bride’s sisters. Where they will give challenges to the Groom and Heng Tai’s once completed the groom is allowed to go pick the bride. Its representative of the hardship and challenges for two to be together. Or something. I could be wrong. Its just my understanding.

Ian checking out all the interesting F&B prepared by the Ji Mui’s.

Ian having a swig at the 1st beverage.

I was not spared either from the treats! *sweat*

Ian, how could you not get the answers correct? OMG!

Wasabi crackers! ~__~”

Only person who was enjoying the wasabi filled crackers were Mickey. He volunteered to eat them, TWO! not one .. TWO!

Ian writing something meaningful to the bride.

Putting it into a balloon and blow it up.

Finally after an hour, we made it out!

I didnt get to shoot the Ian going into the room cos I was stuck below waiting for the lift!

Went back down to the “games” room for the tea ceremony. I didnt shoot here cos I would just be in the way of the proper photographers.

Group Photo!

Then it was done for the morning we all went down to the lobby, got silly.

Ian got another ring!

After that we all left for home. I did some manuevers in Mickeys car to get some crazy shots using his 5D Mkii + 70 - 200 f2.8. Damn heavy combination!

We reach Ian’s house for another round of tea ceremony.

Praying to the gods to get rid of the paparatzi’s. No moment of peace at all!

The tea ceremony was shot by Alex using my camera. I was outside having lunch. hehe.

I like this tou`san look.

After that we all had a rest. The wedding couple went over to the hotel to make arrangements. Alex and I went back to playing PS3.

By 4pm me and Alex drove to Sunway and waited till 6pm. Scare lost ah, small town ppl in big city! I shot most of the shot using the 80-200mm lens.

Here comes the security. Quick hide the booze.

See! checking out the drink~


Guests enjoying the photobook designed by Jian Nin.

Starting early eh Kenneth!

So we all got in by 7:45pm the ceremony started. I kept my camera and enjoyed the evening. Congrats to Ian and Jian Nin. Thanks for the plants.

So to view the nicely arranged video slideshow presented by Mickey hit the link here.

The above is the speech given by the brothers. Ivan being the actual blood related brother.

The above video is the speech given by the newlyweds~