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Merdeka Convoy

My friends asked me to help cover their event few months back. I wanted to try my hands at dSLR videos so I took the opportunity to have a go at it. 

Now the first video was very unpolished because I was using my old computer to edit and render, which added to the frustrations and I just wanted to complete it as soon as I can. So the cuts were not as good but I digress.

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Old School Convoy TWO Serian

So after the previous Classic Car Convoy, two weeks (11.03.2012) later we all headed out again for ANOTHER convoy. I think because the previous one we didnt get to play much, as the rain was pretty heavy. No one had anychance to show off their rides :P

And after the convoy, we were a CLUB (if you drive a classic, we want you!). Looks like many clubs are getting it on in Kuching these days. Good sign!

Okay, so as per usual it started way early in the morning. The convoy gathered at the usual meeting place and was suppose to start going at 7.00am. I arrived at 6.50am. Umm.. haha! So I did not manage to capture much photos at the gathering place. 

Then we headed off towards Serian. It was a relatively sunny drive with spots of rain here an there. But a much better drive than previous trip :) I was busy running about mounting my trusty Sony DSC-T90 here and there trying to capture some footage which I had in mind since last convoy. You can view the finished 'product' at the end of the post. You can skip ahead if you do not want to read my mumblings :)

After a good hour of driving we finally reached Serian. We kind of caused a scene by showing up in such volume and variety. haha. Becaused we were parked between the only petrol kiosks there, most heavy trucks and such could not get to their fuel~ haha ! 

Moke! This ride is so cute! 

Fast bugs! Could not catch up!

Bug Bums hehehe

Silly grins :)

It was difficult to take any photos with traffic slowing down to admire all the classics on display. So after 15 mins I gave up trying >_< and headed for morning coffee at a nearby kopitiam

Then it was decided we should continue the journey to Ranchan Pool. Some decide to head back to Kuching by this point. Serian to Ranchan Pool is just a 10 mins drive away. Have not been there in ages. If I had known we were headed there I would have brought my towel and have a go in the pool!

So while everyone was busy resting under the shade. I was out trying to capture some images. Turns out I did not take as much as I imaged. =\ Or hoped.

Then we all decided to head back down to Kuching. With a slight detour unknown to many. 

We actually stopped at Siburan, community hall or something. Didn't know it was open for public I just followed in. :) Loved it because finally, out of the SUN!

Six Totoya Celicas.. Three by same owner >_< (envy)

Very mint Mini. Love the er... colorful color! Hmm.. very mint fresh! 

Golden bug!

While we were lining up the cars for a group shot. We seemed to have attracted a large crowd. People were piling in and taking posing and taking photos with the car. Haha it was a real slight.  

It was fun. Took me a while to complete the video, as I shot nearly two hours of footage, and had to compile it into under 10 mins video. So enjoy it. Play in HD if your connection is fast enough. 

Warning: The video gets very dizzy in the middle (4 minute mark on wards). Sorry about that, I was under the influence of flu medication when I was editing the video. 

So that concludes our little trip on an early sunday morning. Thanks for taking the time to read, if your interested to join us with your classic ride.

More photos at club facebook gallery. And some more at my facebook gallery.


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55, 50, Sony DSC-T90]




Classic Car Convoy

Last Sunday a bunch of Classic Car enthusiast gathered to drive up to Telaga Air (about 35 km away from Kuching City). Everyone gathered at RH Plaza before 7am. 


It was pretty cloudy when I arrived. There were many VW Beetles and Mini's. Only 1 Toyota Celica when I arrived. I quickly ate kolomee. And started to shoot a few photos. Thinking I would do a nicer cover once I get to Telaga Air.

Boy was I wrong because once we started our journey it started to rain. And it did not stop until late afternoon. 


VW kombi


VW Beetles






Nice tires.


Japanese Mustang... lol Toyota Celica TA28


Black beauty. Totalling 5 Celicas in the convoy. :)


Triumph (ugh! don't pay attention to the rubbish!, too late!)


Mini Moke

Anyways regret didnt shoot more photos you can find the rest of the photos in my facebook album. 48 images. We spent about an hour there, chit chatting. Was hoping for the rain to stop. But it did not. So we all drove around a bit to Matang, then I left. It was very wet.

Below is a video I spliced together, captured using my very abused Sony DSC-T90 digital camera. Too bad it was raining, else I could have gotten more footage. Enjoy, oh do watch in HD. I went out in the rain to catch the footage.

Hopefully more convoys to come this year! 


Awesome Night Sky Time Lapse

I have always loved time lapse photography. Its really amazing that they have such gorgeous landscapes. I'm sure we have it too, somewhere. Anyways enjoy the video. Its amazing.


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