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handy in Singapore

If you were following my instagram or twitter or facebook you would have known that I was in Singapore last weekend to attend the Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore. Prior to going over my friend was telling the to check out handy.​

handy  is a ​is basically mobile phone rental for SGD$15.00 per day. Obviously we don't really want the phone, we want the access to the unlimited 3G data and free local / international calls (5 mins) facility.  The service is also available in Hong Kong.

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Arriving in Tokyo, Japan

Right. So finally taking the time to post about my trip which happend 5 months ago. And the usual excuse of being busy and lazy to post or look at the photos. Mostly I was not really happy with the photos I took on this trip. Therefore I must return to take awesome photos next time. :)

So I had a really short trip to Toyko, Japan in early July 2012. With my uncles and aunts and cousins.  As my parents already went in April, without me, therefore I went without them XD.

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I was in Penang Part 2

So after our brief stop at the old train station at Butterworth, we headed back to the island for some Penang Laksa.​

Now after a nice spicy bowl of laksa we headed off to another location in town. To meet up with more people for a group photo session. Walking about and shooting and stuff. It was fun for me. As I really love street photography. Even more so when with a bunch of awesome people.​

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