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Copy: Dropbox killer?

For those who do not know, dropbox is an online storage service which has been around for a good few years.‚Äč Back in the day it was cutting edge with a lot of free space 2GB for every new sign up and 500MB for both referral and referred (totalling to 18GB limit per account). By todays standard might not be a lot, few years ago it was worth harassing your friends to sign up under your referral. 

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Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-i9300)

I got my Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-i9300) at Mid Valley (sign up Celcom plan) on the second day of the launch. Initially didn't think I was able to make it. But at the end was able to go. If I had know I would have pre-registered for cheaper price. Oh well. Lets not dwell on the details shall we ?

Note: This is not a phone review, as I'm sure there are like bazillion reviews out there already!
Note2: Thanks Foo Siang Ming for borrowing me the Tamron SP90 lense 

Surprisingly compare to the box of my Samsung  Galaxy S (GT-i9000) Yet the actual phone is much larger. But not by much. 

Its good to see that they are reducing materials used. Interesting to note that the words are at same position, despite differences in size of the box. 

As you can see, this unscientific comparison shows that big box = small phone, small box = larger phone. *win

After using it since beginning of the month till now, its way better experience compared to my SGS. Those that knows me will know the stories. If you want to know ask me when you see me xD

The phone even follow me to JAPAN! haha! Good to have a mobile device with a WORKING GPS (hint on SGS problems). 

Top of the phone. Microphone & headphone jack.

Bottom view, the USB socket is now below. Yes those are scratch marks from not wanting to turn on the lights to plug in the charger. Also I've drop the phone already, marks at the corner. =.=

Side view. power button still there! hahaha!

On the other side, we got the volume rocker. See the scratch at the bottom of the phone? Result of dropping the phone T^T

Close up of the bezel. looks nice but easy to scratch. With my track record will be ugly in a years time T^T

Back plate of the Marble White cover. Finally! LED LIGHT! 

Another huge plus was notification light. On another surprising note, at night when its lit, the whole face bezel would light up. Not sure if that is intended or not. Still COOLNESS!

This is my SGS, 2 years later. T^T

Top bit. charging area was also losing chrome!  I see the future of my SGS3... maybe I should invest in the wireless charging pad thingy.

The camera was not spared. Yes thats my fingerprint. I deleted the photo where there was non. So had to use this photo, hais blunder. 

An interesting observation. The  dots are dissapearing ! 

How strange.

Samsung has decided to give white ear plugs. hmm... I rather have the old one, black! But then it would not go well with the brand spanking new Marble White phone xD

One difference to the head phones was that there is now a volume rocker. The one one didnt. So I'm gonna use the white earplugs more \o/

After a day of using the phone without case I decided to look for one. Coincidentally I was at Lowyat plaza and DIGI was having the SGS3 roadshow there. I asked if there were any promotion for case, they said YES and I got me one. It was not cheap. Anything more than RM 100 to me is expensive!  So this was one of the MOST expensive case I have gotten. Cant recall the exact price but I think its around 140? or 160? 

Seems to be a legit case. Felt pretty good. Works like the flip cover for the Samsung Galaxy Note. Only PROBLEM is that it also covers the notification light... HELLO SAMSUNG, what are you doing ?!

HAHAHA YES I GOT A PEBLE BLUE CASE ! Which totally bring a new twist when people flips open the cover to find that its WHITE inside xD

If you didnt notice from the previous picture. Let me give you a closer look. Yup its a mark on the back case. Yours truely left the phone on under the bonnect and slammed the bonnet down, realizing I was missing a phone five minutes later. T^T Glad the screen didnt crack and minor dent only to the case. 

Now this one I think is product defect or at the very least durability issue! It has been less than a month! Look at the edge of the cover. Yes I wear jeans, and yes I put the phone in my pants. I dont carry a man bag! 

Maybe I need to get a case for the case. Ugh. 

Now my SGS is without screen protector, and without the flip cover.

So lets summerize!


  • I LOVE the size of the SGS3. Does not feel as BIG when upgrading from SGS. Compare to a SG Note, this feels VERY comfortable.
  • I LOVE the long battery life. Finally!
  • I LOVE the LED indicator & rear LED ! YEAH!
  • I LOVE the speed and stability of ICS + TouchWiz. I know many people hate the Samsung launcher, I for one quite like it.
  • I LOVE the volume rocker on the headphones. Even better if this was TRUE.  
  • I LOVE that the box is smaller!


On differences, the new charger is also charging at 1.0A while the old one is only 0.7A. Faster charge for the larger battery capacity I suppose. 

So far its been updated once. Seems pretty stable so far. 

There are many postings about the rumoured Apple Iphone5 which will put this phone to shame. I say, so what. Its a good product, what is there to be shameful about? Head line grabbing titles, sounds like preteen kids comparing whos got the bigger ****. :P




[Camera Gear: Nikon D300, 17-55, SP90]



AirDroid must have app for android users

I have been using Android close to one and a half years now. And there are not many apps (applications) that I cannot say is a MUST have, until I tried AirDroid by Sand Studio. Prior to using AirDroid I have been connecting my device via USB cable to transfer files, or to manage my media. Now I just run the AirDroid application and manage via my web browser. Very clean and easy to use application

Of course this is under the assumption that you have a WiFi network to begin with. 

Here is a screen shot from my device.

Once you run the application it will give you the device address which you have to key into the web browser on your computer. And use the given password, do not worry, its auto generated every time you start the connection.

Here is a screen shot from my browser. 

Very simple and clean. Key in the password as indicated on the device and click the Login button. 

Screen once you have successfully logged in. 

Another clean page. It acts more like your computer desktop with HUGE icons of its basic functions. I love the extra information like WiFi strentgh, cell strength and battery power on the lower right of the 'task bar'.

A window will pop-up showing the vitals of your device if you hit the Details button, on the upper right. Note that my phone actually has more memory than indicated. Its internal is 16GB with an additional of 8GB. But I could still access everything without issue. 

Call Log. 

Here you can view your call logs of your phone. Not really handy for me, but good to have I guess.


Now this is more useful. You can view all the song by this view, or by album view. Kinda forgot to screenshot that.

Set As.

This is a neat feature. Changing ringtones on android is basically copying the file to the right folder. Or installing a 3rd party application to do it. I think this is pretty simple and effective. 

Another neat feature is if you double click on the song. You can actually listen to the song stream from your phone to your computer. Neat!

If you want to send songs to the phone, hit the Import button on the upper right of the Music window. 


I do not know why the photos are under PHOTO>OTHERS in this window. But it does generate tumbnails for every single photo on the phone. Easy to manage. Neat.


Where you can access your SMSes. Yes I get a lot of SPAM from Celcom. Daily affair :(

Once you double click the name, this window pops up. You can send replies or create new SMS from this window. But do note, this is not an instant messaging(IM) service like yahoo or msn or fb chat. Everytime you hit send, it costs money. Unless your on an unlimited or got free SMS plan. Otherwise, use with care! You have been warned!

Oh yes, I was being mean to my friend. haha. xD


Now this is one of the feature which I absolutely love about AirDroid. Sometimes updating software is hard without knowing exactly which version your on. You can find out on your device, but to me, it is just too many steps. Here you can view it immediately, and know which application has a new version out. Some of you maybe saying, just use the Google Market. Well, some apps I use did not come from the Google Market. :P 

To install, just hit the Install App button, and load up the apks. Then there is an addtional step, which you need to click OK on your device to initiate install. Which is good, means the application does not have total access and can simply install anything without your permission!


This is the equivalant to the file explorer in your computer. Very familiar interface. When copying files to your computer just click with the mouse, if multiple files use command/control modifier key to select more files and hit Export button. With multiple files, AirDroid will archive it into one ZIP file. Another neat feature. ;) 

To send files from your computer to your device, hit the Import button, make sure your at the desired folder. Simple. 

Clipboard, Contacts, Ringtone and Market is what it is. Nothing much to say about it. Heh~

In case your wondering, you can actually set the port, predefine your password. As for the IP address, if your using fixed then u need to dive into your network settings. But I would assume most people, LIKE ME, use DHCP. 

And no, my secreen was not THAT long, I just merged the lower bit with the upper bit. heh.

So to recap, if your using an Android device, and your have WiFi connectivity at your home/ office, this is a die die must have application! Its not perfect yet, but still a die die must have application. 

And best of all its FREE! (at this point of time as far as I know)


AirDroid (Market)

AirDroid (web page)


Go forth and manage your device!



Upgrading to 500w

As I have already upgraded the graphics card 4850 last month. I actually was looking to upgrade the RAM. But I was fairly worried about the PSU(power supply unit) that I had in the system. I suspected that it was under powered with the 4850 drawing so much power.

So I went online and got me a Corsair CX500 for RM 225.00 excluding shipping. 

I transferred the money to the seller on Friday. But he could not send it on Saturday as the postal services were off on the first Saturday of the month. So he sent it on Monday, and I recieved it yesterday just as I got home, POSLAJU also arrived. Good timing.


This is a very basic PSU, with two years warranty.

Manual, power cable, cable ties, screws and a badge.

Sleeved mess.

Both sides has the CX500 sticker.

Rear of the PSU.

At the bottom of it was a large exhaust fan.

This was on the other side.

Comparing with what I had, I was pleasantly surprised that I got something half decent long ago. At least it was able to work the 4850. Without crashing or something sinister :P

Octopus mess.

At the end of it I had to swap out another casing which I happen to have lying about in my "tech" room. The other antique casing which I was using, the screw locations wrong. Which meant installing it backwards with the exhaust fan facing the roof of the casing. Lucky for me this casing I had had extra exhaust fan, which I have been meaning to install too. Totally forgot about it. 

All in all RM spent, after two upgrades RM 430.00+


Updating your security information on facebook

Like it or not majority of us have a facebook account. It is one of the most popular social media web sites at the moment. There are those who refuse to go into facebook, like my cousin xD

For many of us, facebook has been slowly creeping into our lives, its becoming more and more engaging. How many hours do you login to facebook per day? 

What happens when you lose your access to it? So lets all update our security information and at least if it was hijacked we can recover it back ! 

The screenshot above was taken at http://www.facebook.com/update_security_info.php (copy and paste)

Basically it allows the user to set at least two email addresses if you lose access to one of the email, you can still use the other one. You can also add your mobile phone number as away to verify your identity. Lastly you can set your security question, ONCE. Think carefully before you set this.

Unfortunately it seems Maxis subscribers are not able to add their mobile phone numbers. Like me, who just recently sign up with Maxis can not set my phone number for verification purposes. Hopefully things will change in the near future. 

For more information http://blog.facebook.com/blog.php?post=436800707130

All this is to help you get your account back in case it has been compromised ! If you do not take these precautionary steps then good luck!


If you suspect your account being accessed by someone else, you can go into Edit Accounts and under Account Security see which device had logged into your account from where there was recent activities from. 


Good luck!