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Using MyTeksi

I'm not sure if its frustrating for you but for me, I find a taxi especially in Kuala Lumpur (KL) always feels like a daunting task.  We always hear and read about unscrupulous taxi drivers who over charge and tries to pull the wool over your eyes. I actually saw someone share this application (app) on facebook and it kind of perked my interested.

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AirDroid must have app for android users

I have been using Android close to one and a half years now. And there are not many apps (applications) that I cannot say is a MUST have, until I tried AirDroid by Sand Studio. Prior to using AirDroid I have been connecting my device via USB cable to transfer files, or to manage my media. Now I just run the AirDroid application and manage via my web browser. Very clean and easy to use application

Of course this is under the assumption that you have a WiFi network to begin with. 

Here is a screen shot from my device.

Once you run the application it will give you the device address which you have to key into the web browser on your computer. And use the given password, do not worry, its auto generated every time you start the connection.

Here is a screen shot from my browser. 

Very simple and clean. Key in the password as indicated on the device and click the Login button. 

Screen once you have successfully logged in. 

Another clean page. It acts more like your computer desktop with HUGE icons of its basic functions. I love the extra information like WiFi strentgh, cell strength and battery power on the lower right of the 'task bar'.

A window will pop-up showing the vitals of your device if you hit the Details button, on the upper right. Note that my phone actually has more memory than indicated. Its internal is 16GB with an additional of 8GB. But I could still access everything without issue. 

Call Log. 

Here you can view your call logs of your phone. Not really handy for me, but good to have I guess.


Now this is more useful. You can view all the song by this view, or by album view. Kinda forgot to screenshot that.

Set As.

This is a neat feature. Changing ringtones on android is basically copying the file to the right folder. Or installing a 3rd party application to do it. I think this is pretty simple and effective. 

Another neat feature is if you double click on the song. You can actually listen to the song stream from your phone to your computer. Neat!

If you want to send songs to the phone, hit the Import button on the upper right of the Music window. 


I do not know why the photos are under PHOTO>OTHERS in this window. But it does generate tumbnails for every single photo on the phone. Easy to manage. Neat.


Where you can access your SMSes. Yes I get a lot of SPAM from Celcom. Daily affair :(

Once you double click the name, this window pops up. You can send replies or create new SMS from this window. But do note, this is not an instant messaging(IM) service like yahoo or msn or fb chat. Everytime you hit send, it costs money. Unless your on an unlimited or got free SMS plan. Otherwise, use with care! You have been warned!

Oh yes, I was being mean to my friend. haha. xD


Now this is one of the feature which I absolutely love about AirDroid. Sometimes updating software is hard without knowing exactly which version your on. You can find out on your device, but to me, it is just too many steps. Here you can view it immediately, and know which application has a new version out. Some of you maybe saying, just use the Google Market. Well, some apps I use did not come from the Google Market. :P 

To install, just hit the Install App button, and load up the apks. Then there is an addtional step, which you need to click OK on your device to initiate install. Which is good, means the application does not have total access and can simply install anything without your permission!


This is the equivalant to the file explorer in your computer. Very familiar interface. When copying files to your computer just click with the mouse, if multiple files use command/control modifier key to select more files and hit Export button. With multiple files, AirDroid will archive it into one ZIP file. Another neat feature. ;) 

To send files from your computer to your device, hit the Import button, make sure your at the desired folder. Simple. 

Clipboard, Contacts, Ringtone and Market is what it is. Nothing much to say about it. Heh~

In case your wondering, you can actually set the port, predefine your password. As for the IP address, if your using fixed then u need to dive into your network settings. But I would assume most people, LIKE ME, use DHCP. 

And no, my secreen was not THAT long, I just merged the lower bit with the upper bit. heh.

So to recap, if your using an Android device, and your have WiFi connectivity at your home/ office, this is a die die must have application! Its not perfect yet, but still a die die must have application. 

And best of all its FREE! (at this point of time as far as I know)


AirDroid (Market)

AirDroid (web page)


Go forth and manage your device!



Angry Birds Lite Beta on Android

Angry birds have finally come to Android.

Well, its still in beta.

I have been reading and hearing about Angry Birds for a while now. It started with the Apple iPhone and then went to the Apple iPad. There was a release on Nokia phones but it was as far as I know only for the Nokia N900 (booo) other Nokia touch device can not play it =P

Very entertaining cinematic trailer. [MUST WATCH]

In game trailer, showing off the 5 abilities of the 5 different birds available in the game =))

Angry Birds features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based castle demolition, and lots of replay value. Each of the 120 levels requires logic, skill, and brute force to crush the enemy.

Only until recently I had the chance to play it on my Android device. None of my friends who were on the Apple iPhone tried this game, I guess they have too many games to play. In any case if you have ever played Worms back in 1995 well its almost the same thing. The only twist is that its not turn based, and you have a limited number of tries to reach the objective or you lose the round. 

Angry Birds Lite Beta was made available on the Android Market around 3rd September 2010, I only found out four days ago. It only has one stage as its still in beta.

So that was how I did. At this point in time if you hit the Full Version button it will lead you to its landing page where you can fill a form to be informed of when the full game is to be released. I cant wait ! I wonder why the screenshot got cacated. Ugh, must try other software next time. 

And since its a beta, it may fail sometimes. For me, its been about 5 percent, where it loads and then just closes. Fire it up again, and it runs like a gem. Funny how that is. 

So if you have an Android Device (2.x above only) and want to give this game a go, then head to the market place and let the birds fly! 

OR Scan the QR code below and let the birds fly ! =)



Cleaning up Google Contacts

I'm not sure about you but I have over 640+ contacts stored on my mobile device and on my Nokia Ovi Account. And since I now have an Android mobile device I was wondering how would be the best way to move all these contacts from my Nokia Ovi Account to my favorite Google Mail Account. Where everything is basically centralized. I did my research few weeks ago, and found that there was a way to do it automatically from the Symbian mobile device instead of saving and uploading and all that tedious work. 


This video will show you in a nutshell what is the idea behind Google Sync.

I will not repeat what is already available on how to sync to the mobile device, incase your interested it works on BlackBerry, Iphone, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices. Read more here for how to set up your Nokia device to Sync

Basically both services offered by Google and Ovi are similar. It allows the users to back up Contacts, and Calendar (Schedules) everything else is not really important to me. Just that I have been using my GMAIL account at least for the past 5 years with no issues. 

I knew I had my job cut out for me when I realize my phone contacts have grown in size, and I know there are duplicates, just sometimes its not easy to hunt them down on a small screen. I tried to clean it up using Ovi but the server response was pretty slow. Gave up

NOTE: you can access Contacts from Gmail or go to Google Contacts

After synchronizing my mobile device with Google Contacts via Mail For Exchange (MfE) I had 643 contacts. Yikes!

As u can see I have circled the (+3) that means that there are 3 variable there. It applies to email as well if you have more than one it will show (+1) and so on and so forth. 

The first thing I did was to click More actions (call it a hunch, I wanted to see what options was available)  which I highlighted in red in the image above. 

AH HAH! There is an option called FIND & MERGE duplicates! I was very happy that I poked around before going thru all the 600 odd contacts. So what did it turn up?

You can merge them after making sure they are actually duplicates. In my case, they all were. So I merged them all. 

Then I ran the command again. 


Not. This showed me a few things, the algorithm will check to see if the numbers are the same, if they are it will be flagged as a duplicate. Even if you have the exact name it will not be flagged as a duplicate (good thing). So in the end I still had to go thru line by line. Which was ok, it was easier to read the contacts than to compare digits. 

And since I was at it I decided to clean up the contact even more. Properly putting the First Name, Last Name, even linking the email accounts to the contacts if any. I also grouped them by contact type.

In the end, I ended up with something like this. I was pretty proud of myself that night two weeks ago. Then last week I lost it all =( but thats a story for another posting =)

If your reading this and you do not back up your contacts, you should. Back up your phone data to your computer and to the CLOUD.


Gimme a shout if I missed out anything in this post!



Sofortbild - Mac Tethered Shooting

I know of a few software on the PC side of the world that allows tethered shooting solutions, and most of them are not free! Software being free is important for me, I’m just a hobbyist. I played around Camera Control Pro for 30 days and that’s it.

I have been searching high and low for a cost effective solution when I found Sofortbild.

It seems to connect (to the d300) faster on OSX 10.5 on my iMac compared to my MacBookPro which was running 10.6. I wonder if its really the software difference or just my mind playing tricks on me. I have not had my morning tea!

Testing =D (mutiple shots not live view!)

NOTE: This is a Nikon solution. I think/assume Canon EOS Utility gives out their tethering solution for free. I may be wrong, and I’m lazy to find out. Drop me a line if you know :P

Anyways I always wanted to do tethered shooting, for what I have no idea, but primarily for fun I guess. the ability to look at the photo on large screen rather than the small LCD at the back of the camera always seemed attractive. That said, the thought of having the camera tethered or wired to the computer brings about scary imaginations of wires being tripped over, laptops falling down etc etc. After attending Joe’s Workshop. I decided to re-look into this option. Lucky for me, I found the free solution(for now).

Sofortbild is a Mac only software. The requirements are (quoted from website) :

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Nikon D3x, D3, D2xs, D2hs, D2x, D2h, D1x, D1h, D1, D700, D300, D200, D100, D90, D80, D70s, D70, D60, D50, D40x, D40 or D5000
  • Optionally Aperture, iPhoto or Lightroom

I have Lightroom 2.0 on my Mac, it does not seem to appear as an option in Sofortbild as shown on the screen grab below.

I guess the auto import to Adobe Lightroom is still not avaiable yet. I’m currently using Sofortbild version 1.0.1 (57).

For the most part the shooting from camera and images show up in computer seem to work quite well. But the top buttons does not seem to work maybe its my fault I have no idea, need to investigate this further.

I cant capture, once pressed, the icon will be greyed out and you can click it any more until you manually click the shutter on the camera body.

The self timer, counts down to the set time but the shutter does not fire.

Bracketing does not seem to work either.

Interval Shooting. Does not work.

I think all this issues may be pilot error (me). I need to email them and ask as there are no support forums or anything on the website.

Even without the functions of the button, I think for my purposes its still very much usable. And I’m sure there will be a fix in due time.

To find out more, point your browser to http://www.sofortbildapp.com/ and if you like the app, click the Donate links down at the footer.


  • Free
  • Lightweight
  • Pretty & Simple
  • Relatively fast connection


  • Buttons not functioning (1.0.1)
  • Preview only most recent picture
  • No Adobe Lightroom support

Highly recommended by randomshutter.com! xD