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Updating your security information on facebook

Like it or not majority of us have a facebook account. It is one of the most popular social media web sites at the moment. There are those who refuse to go into facebook, like my cousin xD

For many of us, facebook has been slowly creeping into our lives, its becoming more and more engaging. How many hours do you login to facebook per day? 

What happens when you lose your access to it? So lets all update our security information and at least if it was hijacked we can recover it back ! 

The screenshot above was taken at http://www.facebook.com/update_security_info.php (copy and paste)

Basically it allows the user to set at least two email addresses if you lose access to one of the email, you can still use the other one. You can also add your mobile phone number as away to verify your identity. Lastly you can set your security question, ONCE. Think carefully before you set this.

Unfortunately it seems Maxis subscribers are not able to add their mobile phone numbers. Like me, who just recently sign up with Maxis can not set my phone number for verification purposes. Hopefully things will change in the near future. 

For more information http://blog.facebook.com/blog.php?post=436800707130

All this is to help you get your account back in case it has been compromised ! If you do not take these precautionary steps then good luck!


If you suspect your account being accessed by someone else, you can go into Edit Accounts and under Account Security see which device had logged into your account from where there was recent activities from. 


Good luck!