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Slow Saturday

As my parents are out of town. I had to send some stuff up to the farm. Brought along my camera to see if I came across anything interesting to shoot :) Lively puppy. Looking way better than 2 weeks ago.

A frog visiting my solar charger.  LOL!

The energetic pup keep trying to paw me. 

And he wouldnt stay still.. . 


lick lick

kinda like this shot. 

The weather today was a bit crazy. Rain intervals every 5 mins, then sunshine in between. 

I shot this when on the ferry going back home. I didn't know why I shot it...

.. But this was the second shot with my windows down as the police car drove off. It had started to rain. The kids spotted me as I initially wound down the rear windows. Everyone looked away after that. =\


Ah.. so that was my boring Saturday. How was your Saturday?


[Gears: Nikon D300, 50]



Lost Bird

One fine morning I came down from my room and found a bird had flown into the house via an opened window. It kinda panicked when I tried to show it out. 

After  a few tries at trying to fly thru the glass it fell on the floor. I picked it up, it was quite dazed from attacking the glass hehe. Put it on a stool, went grab my camera.

It was all cool until the first click of the shutter. Suddenly it was awake! Like OMG! what is this black thing which was double my size aimed at me doing?

After about 6 frames, if flew away. At times like this, a compact camera maybe a better solution as there are no shutter sounds (or can be disabled). 

Well I hope it leads a fruitful and long life, and don't come visit my house again. Thanks.


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55]